Cranberry Cabbage Salad Recipe

This post is a little ahead of itself LOL, I did not get photos of the canned cranberry jam, but I have two more batches to do yet, so it will be coming. However this recipe does use half a cup of my homemade chunky cranberry Jam. So once I make it again, I will link back and you will have the full recipe (but I warn, its so basic but O SO good.. like 5 star good per all my friends that have tried it)


Four to six cups of diced cabbage, a grated med carrot, a bit of diced purple cabbage if you have it, can also use a bit of grated turnip, one diced apple, quarter cup of walnuts, the dressing is half a cup of my cranberry jam, with a quarter cup of dressing (if you like it wetter, add more dressing as required) a touch of salt (pinch).

Mix together and ideally chill for 30 to 60 blend flavours and then serve, its a awesome pink color that can be used at valentines or any table that needs a pop of color, its crunchy, sweet with tart.. While this photo does not do it justice, Green turned out to not be the right color choice, everyone went back for seconds, and someone (who will not be named, even took bread to the bowl to get that last bit out of it LOL)


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