Dining room is finished now..


The dining room which is the other half of my kitchen, in the oldest part of the house is done 🙂 and I just love it. We still have a few things in the kitchen to do yet but the sub floor, the lino, the painting and the new door is in and done..  will post when its finished as well

Its been raining on the farm for a solid 24 hours, such a blessing, we needed it, filled the rain barrels, the pond and the big horse trough and will do wonders at raising the levels on the well.

It was greatly need in the garden as well, the pasture is done for the year, but it will still enjoy the drink.

I am not so sure I am enjoying the muddy paw prints on the floor but boy can my new lino hide dirt well..  a good things really but also startling when you sweep twice daily.

Wishing you all a great sunday

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4 Responses to Dining room is finished now..

  1. Rachel says:

    I love the wall border!!! And that stained glass is gorgeous! We’re about to buy a house and I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to decorate/paint the living room/dining room area. The rest of the house is very vintage and has been restored to a gorgeous pre-1950s style, and trying to preserve that look is a fun challenge.

  2. Your room is so colourful – that will be wonderful on a grey/white winter day.. c

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