Tom Thumb Popcorn

Tom Thumb Corn – HEIRLOOM

Extra early popcorn succeeds even in cold climates. Dwarf plants each produce 1-2 petite yellow ears for table decorations or wreaths. Pops well with a slightly denser texture than commercial popcorn. Improved by the late Professor E. Meader at the University of New Hampshire. YELLOW • Popcorn • Dwarf 3’ plants • 3-4” ears. Days to maturity: 85 days

I snapped the above from the net..

I got the tom Thumb corn seeds at Seedy Saturday from a local vender, which if they told me true, meant that the past generation was raised locally.

It was planted first so that we could stagger it when we did our sweet corn. It was grown in a hill, we had run out of turned space by the time it got planted..

So it was a 3 by 3 chip of old rotting straw, and a wheel barrel of mixed compost, dirt and sand, we planted out 16 plants, all came up fast and true, but we lost a couple to critters, so we raised 12 plants, all but one had two cobs, the one on the edge only had one and poor pollination.. the rest good to go. you can see the little cob at the edge of the bowl

They grew well, reached 3 feet and a few inches, they appeared to have no issues with pests and their cobs are bigger then I thought, they average 4 inches with the odd at 4 and half an the biggest is 5 inches.

They are currently drying, and the rest went to the pigs for part of a supper, I will do a follow up on popping and taste in round two..

They were a strong growing plant with good results.



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2 Responses to Tom Thumb Popcorn

  1. ForestFun says:

    How long will you dry them for? Love the look of those wee corn.

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