Fresh tomato sauce with Beef meatballs

Yesterday I was picking fresh paste tomatos, these amazing small dark yellow and orange ones and of course a few deep red plum style ones as well.


I chopped them into large pieces and into a pot, added salt, pepper, a tiny touch of dry keens powdered mustard , and a big old pat of butter and simmer to blend flavour together

I took a quarter pound of beef ground and added salt, pepper, and lots of fresh dill, cooked then in a bit of bacon fat, three min per side med heat, then take the meatballs out, and pour your tomato sauce, chunks in to deglaze the pan.


Make your pasta as normal and because I had company, I did it in big bowl to serve and then mixed before dishing up, rave reviews, tender little meatballs, the fresh tomatoes were picked ripe five min before making,.. this dish was all about show casing them.

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4 Responses to Fresh tomato sauce with Beef meatballs

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Looks great and sounds amazing!: )

  2. This looks wonderful! You have more tomatoes thane me – we were drowned out!

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