Bird Breeding Plans for 2015

If I get my way, the year of 2015 will be filled with lots and lots of wee chicks, ducklings and goslings..


On the goose front, my bonded pair, honk and pom are getting all new digs, a small corner of the big pasture is being fenced out for their use only, they are getting a new fancy custom built goose nesting house to increase success in hatch rates

Then Come the ducks.. Five Hens, o my. We have Black, Black an White Barred, We have Chocolate barred and Chocolate and White and we have Blue. If I can get two clutches per hen, we could have a lot of ducklings indeed


The Males are Black and White carrying chocolate or Black Barred Carrying Chocolate and Blue. The Duck hens are getting new nesting built as well, as last year we had a number of hen lost on the last week on the nests due to the fox, so we have redone our plans for this year in a plan to give each hen her own space but more protection.

Next Comes the Chickens, they are going to be split into two different breeding groups (with a possible third later in the year..


All dual purpose heavier brown egg layers are going with Big Red, there are four different breed of hens, it should be a great mix of hybred crossing..


The smaller sized hens, that are a mix of easter eggers or my lovely French breed, I have three daughters out of Wash, who are all the correct color, pattern and feather markings of what the hens of the breed should have, I really want to find more of this breed.


(my late rooster) are all being mated by Snickers, this will produce smaller birds then above but great layers, colored eggs and should give me very broody hens.


The guinea fowl, well.. we will figure sex once they start to lay, we have six unsexed at this time plus the one white male, in the six, we have a great mix of colors including chocolate

The Bird Sale is at the end of March this year, and who knows what I will come home with.. but I can say, its will not be peacocks, quail or doves lol

I would like to come home with at least one new rooster, but I doubt it will be that simple…

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2 Responses to Bird Breeding Plans for 2015

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    You have some truly amazing looking birds. Good luck with getting where you want to be in the new year.

  2. Just the thought or keeping track of the birds never mind anything else is enough to make my head spin. I don’t know how you manage it.

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