well, I have been on a learning curve, I am working on creating-growing kombucha with the scoby`s.


Now I was blessed with a free gifted one from Anita Thank you.. and so I started my first batches, they were smaller and I made them fast, then I drank stage one, started working on stage F2 on some, and got  big jar, so instead of making a half gallon, I am making a gallon and a half at a time..

2013-01-01 2748 (500x375)

the older bigger went to the big new batch, the smaller baby went to a smaller jar again, so it will be faster to make.. Anyone making there own, got helpful hints, tips or thought.

now I am drinking it for the health it is to help bring, stage one reminds me of my apple vinager drink, ok but you don`t think yummy but the F2, now that is still a work in progress but the basic appears like a lightly sweet-tart hard cider, yummy and delightful, not at all what I expected. I am making with black tea, so my scoby`s are naturally darker then some on the net

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8 Responses to kombucha

  1. Sheri says:

    Years ago I had a neighbor from Thailand who made and drank this stuff. She insisted I get into it also and set up a culture in my frig. I tried it but every time I drank some it upset my stomach.

  2. Really glad you are trying this! I have shared recipe and scoby’s also and keep a scoby hotel in a masin jar in my pantry. I have been making kombucha in 2 1/2 gallon jugs and have 2 on the go at all times (2 weeks apart so that we always have some available as we let it culture for 30 days in fall & winter)…I learned how on videos from Cultures for Health website…it is so very good for you!!!!!!

  3. Kathleen says:

    I lost mine in a house fire 3 years ago, I would love to get another and start again. I had mine for years, but I don’t know anyone around me that has any to help me start over. Sure do miss it.

    • Kathleen, are you on facebook, and where are you located, I might have a friend that could send you some for shipping I can ask, or if you can wait for a month or so, I might have a baby to spare.. but on the facebook site, they keep a list of folks that will share for shipping costs, and its all over N.A. I can share the group if you are interested.

  4. Kathleen says:

    I am in Ontario, Canada. I will look for your facebook page then. Thanks so much.

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