Tired.. So tired.. leg up..

I have started writing at least four times and each time it ends up way to personal, somehow, I expect this one will be no different..

One week since my fall, one week since I broke my foot, and bruised up my body.. One week of darn near every single emotion that you can feel..

Grateful- In my strong moments, I feel grateful, grateful for my husband, who took time off work to look after me, grateful that we even in a position that my husband can do so, Grateful for my friends, they have stepped up and helped in so many ways, from friends in the city who not only bought me the air cast but drove it to the farm so that Jason didn’t have to leave my side. Grateful for my fellow farmers around me that are giving a helping hand in so many ways to make sure that my little farm keeps trucking along.. Grateful that my body did not get hurt more, I mean really I could have broken a lot more bones, I could have really been hurt.. I am grateful that is not the case, Grateful that my body is healing itself.. Grateful for my gardens, for my herbs and my knowledge of things that can help support my body and my healing..

See lots to grateful for..

But that does not stop the sad moments.. the pissed moments, this farmgal has a bit of bite in her bark at the moment and she needs to remember to shealth those claws..

The moments of sadness that this has derailed my garden-harvest plans, that this has totally fobarred my horse training, conditioning and riding, I have already missed on horse clinic that was totally paid for, hubby rode for me in a different training session and all my plans for the next two months are done.. even when I do get back to the point of being back in the saddle, both myself and Caleb will need to recondition ourselves into shape..

I am doing excerises in bed, I am using free hand weights, but even so, I can feel my body getting weaker.. and trust me, I am not happy about it.. hopefully in a one to two more weeks, I will feel strong enough to start doing ground work, and I am grateful that typically we can have a extended fall riding period, typically being able to ride pretty regular till at least dec.. and I have even found a close by place that I could take indoor lessons twice a month when I normally am off riding, which is awesome (see another thing to be grateful for) but my grrr moment, I have this awesome horse, that is just sitting in my pasture, he is being a powderpuff pasture pet, instead of getting out and being my number one big guy! sigh.. and when I don’t ride, hubby does not ride much either, so Brandy Girl is just handing out as well..

The garden, o my garden, I am so blessed, what a year for gardening, so many success’s, and a few so-so, and one really big .. fail (but that is a different post) and here I sit right in the middle of canning season unable to stand for any length of time at all and with a leg that needs to not just be rested but keep up and raised..sigh.. I am finally able this week to get to the point of figuring out a set up that should allow me to get some things done, I hope I am right..

Thankfully hubby did get the next seed planting out this past weekend, so other then the fall plantings for winter-spring green growths and other then carry overs for spring harvests and winter seed sowing, the planting for the year is finally at a finish, but now its weeding, harvest and seed saving..

The first week was nothing but rest, sleep and pain.. but this week, well its a new week, today I got 99 percent of the garlic order figured out, tonight or tomorrow, I will finish up a write up for a event I am working on, and I need to work on a permaculture presentation I am going to be doing..

These are things that allow my mind to get worked, not a bad thing, but I still tire so easily.. Night everyone..

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One Response to Tired.. So tired.. leg up..

  1. Susan says:

    Ahh, fg, I feel for you, and my first thought besides ‘I’m sure glad J was there and fg’s ok!!’ was ‘Yikes…it is harvest time for at least some of her garden…uh oh….’. I’d sure help if I could because I’d like to learn something your recipes and methods. Heal quick and do what you can. As for the rest, what can you do?? Don’t dwell on it, if that is even possible…Take care of yourself – that is most important!!

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