The youngin’s..

Time for a little update on the youngin on the farm..

We have two new kittens on the farm this year, one is a tortie female kitten called Penelope and a lovely little boy who is a Pointed Flame with a mismarked bicolor pattern, the female is a little hunter already, she is friendly enough, you can pet her and if she chose’s to cuddle she is a sweet but the boy, little Apricot, now he is a cuddle boy, he still likes being a indoor-outdoor kitty, totally purrpot and sweetheart.

About half of our farm cats are strays- drop off’s or show ups, they are what I call shadow cats, they live here, they hunt here and I do feed them but they are pretty much feral’s, you might be able to walk by one of them, but good luck on ever touching them..

The rest of my “pride” are my indoor-outdoor purrpots, they are all sweethearts but they are all getting quite old, most of them are over middle age, with a few between eight to ten, but most are ten and older, with Priss being my oldest at 17 this spring.

While I certainly didn’t “need” any new purrpots per say, it was nice to have some new kitten love.. hope they both grow up to live a long life with us!

My new does are on their first litters and I am expecting my first litters from my new buck, I am in the process of growing out the kits, so far, I have been very pleased indeed with the grow out rate of the kits in terms of increasing my meat-age ratio

My chicks are half grown now, and I have had loss’s to the wild critters, sigh.. it happens..

My Ducklings on the other hand are rocking it.. all 13 are still with me 🙂 Three chocolate and white, five black and white and those yellow ones.. well they are turning out to be black or chocolate barred, my very first! Funky..

I am very hopeful that I will have lots of hens to over winter for breeding next year.. and a few males, one for a pick backup male and the rest to add to the pantry and stew pot..

I have six keets coming to join the farm, they will be put in with my single surviving male and I am very hopeful they will bond with him and that I will end up with a good number of females, but even if I end up with a little male only group, so be it, I want them for tick control more then anything, so I am ok with that..

I am still having a debate on if I want to add 6 turkey pullets or not.. most likely not..

I am still waiting for piglets.. Sigh.. So far this year, the only thing that that has paid for itself has been the rabbits, otherwise the loss of females, full nests some taken mear days before hatch has been very hard indeed..

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2 Responses to The youngin’s..

  1. Sheri says:

    For a gal with a broke foot you sure are busy! Congratulations on the new feline loves! Nothing better than kitten love!

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