Broke the tip of my ring finger.. Nasty

What a awesome busy, up and down week it has been.. in truth I don’t even know where to start.. so you are getting point form, and its going to be somewhat short as my typing skills are being slowed with this chicken pecking LOL

– Broke and or cracked the tip of my ring finger.. as breaks go, its not bad, but its a pain in the you know what!

– Hubby had his first official riding lesson he was kind enough to take it for me on Caleb as I was not up to riding with my finger the way it was. It was a great lesson and both hubby and Caleb did great, for a full write up, see the horse blog..

– We had a little fence issue with week, we had a visiting herd that got out of their fencing and we had a bit of a meet, greet, push shove though our fencing and we found out that Brandy can in fact rear up and come down half inside and half outside the fence.. which leads to the next post

– We have spent a good amount of time adding in a hot wire to the top of the fencing so that both our own horse’s or unexpected guests on the other side will learn to keep to their own area’s and to keep them back off of each other..

-Anything that could go wrong did.. and everything costs.. of course the 300 dollar fencer we had, would not work, of course the new one needed a different gage wire, of course the store would not have more of the same kind of holders, so that we ended up with different ones etc. Of course it was hotter then you can imagine and not only did the heat rise but so did temper’s..

– Got horse napped, to go with a girlfriend to get a new horse, stunning buckskin paint mare, young girl, lots of learning and training needed on her yet but pretty as a picture.. but it took us three hours to load her, good thing my girlfriend is up for the challenge, I will be honest, I want to buy a well broke horse, I don’t mind putting in the miles and working on the fine tuning but I like to buy a pretty rock solid baby.. but it was a great trip, its going down into the record books as a AWESEOME girls trip..

-The garden is lush, thriving and growing and harvests are coming in, more succession planting is been done.. I will get a post and photos up this week..

There is more but that will do for now.. wishing you a great Monday, its a new day and new week!

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4 Responses to Broke the tip of my ring finger.. Nasty

  1. Sheri says:

    Good Morning, Just a quick post back to you. I dislocated my thumb joint several months ago. Doing what I do, I kept irritating it and it got pretty bad. To treat and keep it, I have to wrap it in surgical tape each morning. The surgical tape is cheap and it really helps in the healing process by giving support. You might want to wear garden gloves that are just a bit tight for extra support in the garden. Have a great day!

    • Hi Sheri, thanks for the glove tip, so far its doing really well, I am surprised at how much you can do with it, but I will keep it in mind that if I push it that it will slow down the healing. I am using comfrey, ak boneknit on it and its healing scary fast.. you would not want to do it unless its in the right spot to heal..

  2. Bill says:

    When we moved to the farm we built fences suitable for horses. Then we decided to add goats so we had to go back and add hot wires to make them suitable for goats. Then later we decided to use one of the paddocks for pigs so we had to modify that fence to make it pig-proof. If only we had anticipated all that up front we could have saved a lot of money. Your post made me think of that. Sorry about your finger and hope it’s fully healed soon.

    • hi Bill, o, I do hear you on this one.. we did the other way around, we did sheep fencing first, then have struggled to get the fencing so that it can hold the pigs, the cow and now the horse’s.. If we had just done it at the first for anything, it would have cost a lot less! Thanks, my finger is coming along nicely, I would certainly not want to push it but overall, its healing well 🙂

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