Would you like some Local Garlic at a great price!

Hello to my local readers..

I have a chance to get a awesome deal on fresh locally grown garlic, at 8 dollars a pound, (as you know, it a lot more at the local farmers market or at the garlic festivals, you can pay almost double that) there are two kinds available, Music and Red Russian I am personally going to take ten pounds for my own use and preparing it for the rest of the year.. I am wanting to know if anyone else wants some.. kind of a bulk order, bulk pickup deal.. I am willing to work with you, and make a couple different pickup times and spots. The garlic will be ready in two to three weeks so talk to me..

If you want to have some awesome local fresh garlic for use, great, if you want to get enough to put up your own for the year.. this is the perfect chance to do so.. There is a limit on what is available in regards to how many pounds but its a goodly amount and I will notify when I get close to it, this offer went on my facebook first and most folks are ordering in five to ten pound lots, but you can go lower or higher, totally your choice.

I am already getting some questions on how to age and hold the fresh garlic, so we will go over that in a post and then I will do a post on the different ways I am going to preserve it, a good amount will be used in canning and sauces over the next couple months, some eaten fresh in different ways and some canned, some pickled and some frozen.

While I am not growing this Garlic, I personally know the family that is, they are a hard working local farmers, and I want to see this little side line they are working on thrive and grow. I can say this, if you buy this garlic, not only will you be getting local, fresh but you will be helping support a local farm at the same time!

For those of you that are reading this that might be coming to a certain day event on Aug 10th that I will be at, if you want in on this, let me know and I will be sure to bring it to you at that time 🙂

Otherwise, feel free to send me a email if you have it, or just comment on this post..

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11 Responses to Would you like some Local Garlic at a great price!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I could tell you how many onions it takes to make 3 pounds, but because I’ve never grown it, I’ve never actually paid attention to how much garlic is in a pound… So, roughly how many bulbs are there in a pound and what size are the cloves? Or does that depend on the variety?

    • Hi Deb, great Question, and yes it does depend on kind to a point, the red Russion is smaller bulbs, therefor more plants to equal the pound in weight, but on average, a pound of garlic should be around 7 to 10 bulbs, can be as high as 12 to 14 depending on the garlic itself. I am going to go and take photos this week of the plants, pull some and try and show photos of the garlic

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Can you maybe throw some weights in too? Like actually show what a pound looks like (this year; )

      • I can try to do so, remember I am not in charge of figuring out or sorting the bundles, but I will inquire and see what I can find out! great question

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Thanks FG! They don’t have to be any specific weight – but, just to see a bunch and then know what it weighs would be helpful…

    • If properly cured and stored, they will last many months in keeping, or you can preserve them in a number of different ways for future winter use if you don’t have the right storage area’s.

  2. Sara D says:

    Where are you located?

  3. Emily says:

    Hi. I love your blog and just signed up as a follower. It will take some time to read everything here, you have shared a lot of personal stories, and I think I can learn a lot from you. I live in central Ottawa, but share the dream of farm life. So… Thanks! I can’t wait to read more!
    As for the garlic, could I order one lb of each? This year is my first year growing garlic, and I’m hooked already, but know I need to keep it small still. I am willing to come to you for pick-up, or meet at a group drop-off. Thank you for extending this offer.

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