Thift in the garden..

Ok, I know this is a odd post, but I am going to share anyway..

over the past few years on facebook and in my gardening groups, I have often heard folks talking about garden theft..

In all the years on the farm, I have never had a issue till this year.. LOL

Yup, someone stole about 60 dollars (store value locally) of my Zucchini

Are you rolling on the floor yet.. We have all heard the stories that come aug, these get gifted to all your friends and family, that they get left on the porch etc.

Well, this year, I grew my plants in hills on the very edge of my property facing the road, and on sunday, I sent my hubby out to check on them as we had lots of male flowers, time for the females and he reported back, yes at least 24 plus Zucchini were coming.. figured they would be ready in two to four days.. so on Tuesday, I did walkabout and I just happened to take 5 photo of the hills, and yes in the photo’s there was a Zucchini in each one, in fact there was some in every hill, some hills had two plants producing at the same time etc..

I thought, I like mine a bit bigger so I will harvest, weds or thusday.. went out Thusday with a huge steel bowl to collect my first crop and….


EVERY SINGLE ONE of them.. someone had walked down the path and carefully taken each one off the plant, no damage was done it was a clean twist and pull..

by the time I got to the end of the line, I thought, you couldn’t have left me a couple hills..

Then I came in and stewed on this for a number of days, finally shared the story on the weekend and finally read to put it on the blog..

Ok, so I am torn..

A) if you were that hungry that you needed to steal my Zucchini, then take it, and I guess that means everything else alongside the road is now up for grabs, that means you will get beans, squash both summer and winter and more..


B) REALLY, you don’t have three feet of ground in your own world to grow a plant yourself.. clearly you like the stuff or you can sell the stuff.. I mean have you seen the price in the stores for six little tiny four to five inch Zucchini, it be wild..

I can’t decide if I should set up my trail cam or just write a note to pin to a tree..

So what would you do, have you had food theft in your gardens, have you found that gardens that grow close to the road is more open to thift. Did you figure out who was stealing your hard grown food, and if so, what did you do about it..

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11 Responses to Thift in the garden..

  1. Jennifer says:

    I have heard of this once before…My girlfriend lives in town and actually caught a man in her yard stealing her produce…her yard is fully fenced and he had to hop the fence and enter into the back yard 😦 Sorry you lost your hard earned goods…I would leave a note and set the game cam!

  2. How about that??! At least with zucchini you know more is coming soon.

    Once I noticed the toolbox I bungeed to my quad was broken open on the floor in the barn. Next I saw the old car we kept parked by the barn had been messed with. Then, I saw footprints to the garden and found all the green bell peppers had been ripped off in a hurry.

    It was all a mystery around here, ’till we later heard a teenaged boy who had come along to our farm once with the neighbor to help put up hay had run away. They caught him with a back pack full of – guess what? – green peppers.

    Not sure what I’d do about that, other than that one time, all my thieves have had four legs

    • Backpack full of peppers LOL, ok, I know its not funny because its aweful to be messed with but at least you found out what happened and its kinda funny.. and totally agree, there will be lots more to harvest as the season comes on..

  3. Sheri says:

    I spent one full day out of my garden on Saturday and came home to all my ready Blueberries gone. I watched the garden on Sunday and a big covey of Quail came back and a bunch of other birds too. One was migratory from Alaska so they are on the move already. In your situation, if I had a camera, I would use it. You might consider setting a few traps too!

    • I rarely lose much to birds as the cats do a really good job at keeping them at bay, but it does happen now and again.. I will put up the signs so that its clear that is private land, I’m given to understand that IF I need to bring in the cops, that it will go along way to getting something done about it, if I have the proper signs on the land, I don’t know if that is true or not.. but it can’t hurt

  4. Mike says:

    I’d put a note up, make em feel guilty but with a funny/sarcastic edge. Set up the trail cam, but not somewhere that it could be stolen too! Next, a hide and a box of shells to go with the shotgun 😉

    Sorry that your produce has been stolen, I know how angry I would be if I had it happen to me.

    • Thanks Mike, I am torn between a sign that says, if you are in fact hungry, I can use help on the farm, can work for exchange, if you are just stealing it, be aware that you are stealing my winters food supply.. We will see what I come up with

  5. onedogrunning says:

    I had this problem when I was part of a community garden. Everything was always stolen before I could get to it. My solution was to put a sign in the garden saying it had been sprayed with experimental chemicals as part of a university study and not to eat. That worked pretty well. What REALLY worked was planting very unusual looking varieties of things, like green tomatoes. Since they didn’t look ripe, nobody took them. Also, you don’t need a camera, just a sign saying the garden is under video surveillance will work wonders. Good luck!

    • That is bad, I would think in a community garden that you would have more eyes on it and that would happen less not more.. Interesting about growing things that look different, clever! indeed.

      • Sheri says:

        We have a local “Grow Garden” for apartment dwellers and people with disability who want accessible raised garden beds to work from. They have experienced a lot of theft recently and someone actually cleaned out the whole worm compost system. I can understand taking “some worms for fishing but the whole population? I have read articles that as the economy becomes worse we will see more acts of theft and poaching. I remember back in the 70’s with the Saigon evacuation many had been placed in Sacramento, California and they started going after all the water fowl in the parks. They had to install fences to protect the geese and duck populations.

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