Its friday.. opps, thanks Deb, make that thursday! its been that kinda week!

Well, the birds are all still doing well, we will continue to follow the vets advice and will continue to do the once a week, vit/mineral water and then we will follow up with a the full program again at the 30 day mark..

Plus as soon as the weather allows it, we will continue our cleaning program, o the cleaning, my whole farm looks like a mess, while I am so happy to have the snow melting, it just shows a whole winters worth of barnyard poo!

I know that every single farm owner knows just what I mean, and even you town folks that have a hound, I am sure you know what I mean, its wet and melting and mucky, so the poo’s are not easy to pick up yet but they are visable..

I personally both love spring for so many reasons but I also don’t like the muck! The cows and horse have added in so!!! much more pasture work, unlike the sheep or goats, who’s poo you can just leave in place, the horse and cow must be picked up, during spring/summer/fall, its a once or twice a week chore, you walk along with the wheelbarrel and the rake/shovel and its a hour or two.. but in the spring.. o my, its a huge mucky job just waiting to happen..

In the area’s that I intend to resow, I can hitch up Brandy to the single harrow and ride her back and forth while she pulls it to break up the overwintered poo’s, and to level out some ruts in the pasture to boot. I am so glad I was able to find and buy that last year! it will be put to good use this year for sure..

Most modern folks pull one behind a quad but for us, its all draft or people power..  I am ok with this, an extra hour mucking will do me good.. the fresh air, the sun giving me some natural vit d, the moving of muscle and bone.. all very good things, and as I can do this for a number of weeks before I can really get into the gardens, it will get me back into better work mode when that time comes.

Ah, the gardens, we have started moving snow off of certain spots, more of that will be done this weekend, but up on the side of the house, o yes, there is melting.. Speaking of the house, the heaters have all been turned off, and will not be turned back on till Nov (well my mother in law is coming in sept/oct for a visit, and she gets cold so she might turn on her room heater but for the main house.. no more heaters..  No more dryer other then to finish off Hubbies work cloths and even they will get line dried, just fluffed and dehaired in the dryer

Well, the ferrier was here yesterday and Samwell was a total gentleman, even to the point of lifting his next foot up in the air, love that horse, he is herd bound and its enough to drive me crazy, if you ride him with Brandy, he is a gentleman, try and ride without her, fight, fight, fight and that big old dork is strong..

Still having said that, he is a big old puppy in the pasture and yard, a total pleasure to have on the farm, Brandy had a big old meltdown on getting her feet done, and I will be talking to the vet to get some help on this.. She has to have her feet done, No, if’s or buts, she is trained, when its her and me, I can play feet games, I can clean her feet, I can hold them up, I can play all kind of feet this and that.. but add in the ferrier and it all goes out the window..

So we will go over this with the vet and If needed she will get a little help to chill and mellow out, the horse’s are getting their coggins, and yearly vaccines this month, plus I need to have their teeth checked, I know they both need work but how much is the question.

Brandy should just need basic work done, but Sam, well samwell, he is going to need more then a bit of basic given his age.

Had to laugh, wish I could get a photo of this for you, the sheep are laying down, and the local breeding set of crows are coming, are plucking the falling clumps of winter sheep wool on their backs, the sheep are just chewing cud and relaxed, and the crows are coming and going, clearly their nests are going to be wool lined LOL

I have decided to name the peacocks Vlad and Matilda, they are such sweet birds, I have been treating sam’s scars with Coconut oil and let me tell ya, the horses love to beg for the last bits, if I needed to slip something into their feed, just melt a little coconut oil over top and they would slurp it up like it was candy

Slow but steady my days are coming back together and things are settling, for those that do prayers, can you please add send a healing prayer out to my sister in laws brother, I don’t know how to do this right, I don’t have permission to give his information out, but I want to have the prayers said.. so I guess.. to Val’s Sister in laws brother, for healing prayers, please an thanks.


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12 Responses to Its friday.. opps, thanks Deb, make that thursday! its been that kinda week!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Y’know, I’ve had a bug and been feeling like an old dishrag for about a week, but I thought I was pretty much recovered – that is, until I read that it was Friday. (Funnily enough, and it DID take a bit to get over the shock of it – losing a day, that is – I’m still pretty sure it’s only Thursday; )

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I’m sorry for the glib comment, and that I didn’t take the time to read your whole post):
    Sending positive thoughts for peace and healing. Much love, Deb.

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Boy, your local crowlets sure will be living in the “lap” of luxury! (I know I love my shearling: ) and the crows’ “harvesting” sure would be great to see, if you could happen to snap a pic, that is; )

  4. sally says:

    What a nice catch up post, love the names Vlad and Matilda. What are coggins for horses? Here where I live “coggin” is the name young people use for crusing around our small country town showing off their cars. It is a phrase that is very local, never really heard it used elsewhere. I am assuming it means something else in relation to horses unless Sam takes Brandy downtown to show off the new harrow!

    • Thanks, it felt good to write the post, I had never heard of coggins before the past few months either, its a blood test for a certain horse disease, and its cheaply done, but o the results can be scary, the testing is your choice but the results are not, if negative, you are good, if positive, auto recorded with the gov and you must put down your horse, no choice.. scary stuff, but you can’t do anything horse related locally without proof that you have the test. I want to be more active with the horses but talk about getting that pit in the tummy on getting it done

  5. sally says:

    Wow, that is full on, understandable about the tummy business. Good Luck with it.

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