Ok, it really is Friday this time :)

I don’t have photo’s today as the hubby snagged the camera to take to work with him.. so I will put up one I took earlier in the week, this is boo cat, one of my wonderful altered farm cats.

2013-01-01 1737 (600x419)

We have a spotted a new stay (drop off?) in the area, a short haired black and grey cat, appears in good shape, its a ghost cat at the moment, bold as can be when I spot it out the window, but never spotted when we are outside yet. Only time will tell if its just passing by.

So lets switch gears here, and go to shortages..  I like to keep a med kit, a people med kit, a couple critter kits, I buy a big old tool box and then I tailor it to the barn, or the small or big critters and I need to do one that is just for the horse’s etc, while there are crossover’s, I do a lot of different things based on what is needed.

I don’t like to down to one of anything, I am a firm believer that two is one and one is none, its amazing how fast you can go though something if you need it, and for sure, the odds on a farm are always that you will need it and need it right now.. not the time it takes to get to town or worse for a number of things, to order things in etc.

So we needed to pick up a antibodic eye drop (you know the one, they sell over the counter at all the drug stores for basic pink eye or any other infection) and so I said to hubby, pick up a new box, well.. that turned out to be a easier ask then do.. turns out there is .. wait for it, a national shortage of both the drops and salve currently in Canada..  he stopped at this and that  drug store, same thing told to him each time..

Then my man put his thinking cap on, in a city, there is so many thousands that would or could need this and therefor it made no sense at all to keep going to drugstores in town, so he instead went to a itty bitty drug store in a village on his way home and sure enough they still had some, which is now safely tucked into my human and critter kits..

I will keep a close eye on this and when the supply starts back up again, I will get backups, as a fresh batch can be good for up to three years  Its not the first nor will it be the last thing this year that I ask about that I am told, can’t be got anymore or its on backlog or we are waiting for that. I have been waiting for two months for a certain medication for the sheep to come in..

I find it interesting, its not just that costs are rising, and packages are smaller, its also showing up here and there, that you having trouble just finding something. Has this happened to you in this year?



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4 Responses to Ok, it really is Friday this time :)

  1. Lake Lili says:

    We get this a lot, but I had always put it down to us being on The Rock and the ferries being constantly delayed by the shifting ice pack. We are also a really small market, so I watch expiry dates really closely as I sometimes feel that al lot of on-the-verge-of-expiry stuff gets sent here, either that or the demand is so small it can take forever to go through a batch. Our farming community is even smaller, so based on your experience I would imagine it is even worse here.

  2. The eye dropper I picked up at the $ store. But as yet have had to figure what else I can use if needed due to the shortages. There are a bunch of things that a medical in nature & out of stock. I was lucky that the nurses that looked after my mom let me keep the cases of medical stuff that they had brought over for my mom. Some of which is sterilized water in syringes.

    I have noticed that some things now come in smaller packages at a higher price – I think they change the packaging when they do it so people won’t notice. 😦

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Have you ever tried using a Boric Acid solution for antibacterial rinse/eyewash?

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