In like a Lion, out like a Sleepy Lion

We have had four days in march that are above 0.. FOUR of them.. the rest of the days this month had been below 0, they have been filled with cold, bitter winds and snow, lots and lots of snow..

Sweet Potato Slips are starting!

2013-01-01 1729 (600x450)

But despite that, spring has arrived.. I refused to truly start my seed trays, because its clear to me that its going to be longer then normal to get here, so I will be starting late or on time, depending on how you look at it. Spent an hour this morning, washing out garden pots, which are now air drying all over the kitchen

The Peahen is still inside on her ladder

2013-01-01 1731 (600x474)

The Peacock has come from the inside to the outside pen, flew up into the big shade tree and is currently on the small barn roof..

2013-01-01 1732 (550x600)

Better Photos as they come.. now we see if that king of the farm sitting up there will do his job, I am told that once he considers the farm his, that he will raise a loud amazingly, loud racket anytime something new comes on the farm be it vehicle, two legged or four legged, he job is simple.. be the see all watch bird.. his mate is here to keep him happy!

2013-01-01 1734 (406x600)

Well, the rest of the day is going to be spent puttering, then early chores as its game night tonight, so need to do the prep work for that.. Have a grand day, and may you be blessed with blue sky’s, mild temps and warm winds..




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9 Responses to In like a Lion, out like a Sleepy Lion

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Your Weather Wishes have arrived and, (I’m whispering here, just in case; ) I think, so has Spring… Thanks!: )
    Wow, LOVING her shoulders and I can’t wait to see these two in full plumage: ))
    Didn’t get a chance to respond before, but really glad to hear that things are coming along on the bird-health front too!

  2. calliek says:

    What a lovely colour that bird has! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has delayed seeding anything. I have a few potatoes going (only because they started without me ) but haven’t even figured out what I’m growing yet. No rush this year it seems.

    • The biggest thing on the farm at the moment is pea and green onions, the chives are doing well but most everything else is behind, the leeks are doing ok? but I will end up doing a second crop of them for sure. No rush is right..

  3. Do you overwinter root veggies for seed saving from them the next year? If so, how do you do it with your long cold winters? I tried it this year with carrots and beets in a root cellar type situation and it was a total bust. They all turned to mush.

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      Hey@WillowCreek! I’ve had little carrots (and parsnips), which got left behind in the garden by accident, come up again on their own and set seed the following year (if that helps any; )

    • Hi Willowcreek, I do overwinter veggies, I always do potato’s, I like Deb, have overwintered both carrots and beets in ground, I have also overwinter Spuds that way, I am learning a few others, you have to do each one different in terms of temp, requirements for how to hold them etc. For carrots, most folks do the sand for storage, and I am not knocking it, but if you take some of your best carrots and then plant them up like a big old fern houseplant, you can often carry it over winter easier that way, and get it and a few other things to their second years for seeds but as I learned last year, I don’t have near enough amount of carrots to keep my seed diversity but regardless it will work

      • Thanks! So you plant carrots inside like a houseplant? Do you cut off the greens? Does it keep growing right away or rest? Or do you put them in a plant pot in a dark cool place as opposed to the sand?
        Thanks for sharing your experience.

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