Getting Back on track..

Hello Folks,

Blogging is awesome but sometime you need to put down the camera, turn off the computer and put down the keyboard and just “be totally in the present”

Which is where I have been in the past few days..  and while I could say.. ah, I am behind, I am behind, I am instead just going to march on forward, I will get the March Challenges all done, even if it means some of them being done in the first few days of April..

There have been a few personal things going on that we are dealing with and I am not now ready to share with the world, its not related to farming or things I have made a personal choice to try and share, the good and the bad on.  Time might or might not give me the distance needed to share..

So lets get a bit caught up, first we have had no bird loss’s since we started treatment, there is a part of me that is surprised it could be this easy, treatment/cleaning and a bit of extra care, but I will take it as the blessing it is.

It certainly cut into my planned Bird sale, I came home with very few birds compared to any other year that’s for sure.. but I didn’t come home empty handed either, I ended up with a breeding pair of peacocks, a lovely male and female, unrelated, one from a breeder in Ontario and one from a breeder way past Quebec city. The boy is quite young yet, he will not get his full display in till he is two, they are both blue shouldered, so hopefully we will have peacock wee babies arriving at some point this year..

Now I am sure a few of you, just went Peacocks? I know, they are considered “pretty birds” and they are but I am after one of the things that most folks consider a downside.. they are alarm birds, they are said to be very alert, very watchful and that they sit high up on barns or in the tree’s and that they will sound a alarm on anything and everything, that would include vehicles, or vistors be it four legged or two legged. Given the spring we have had, adding in a extra alarm system in terms of these birds made a lot of sense.

The march challenge is almost done and thank heavens, I have never had such a rough month on the challenge, most of it was related to the winter we are having and the rest is related to personal health goals.. it certainly got the point across to me on a few things that I will talk about in overview.

Well, that gets you mainly caught up, and I need to get back to the day..

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One Response to Getting Back on track..

  1. Love the peacocks. Glad to hear that the flock is “better”. As for the personal, I like say a prayer for you.

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