March 19th- Cooking Ahead..

Well, the day has dawned dull, grey, cold and windy.. sheez.. everything is frozen, the area’s that had melted are hard slick ice, walking must be done with great care on certain spots on the farm at the moment, and now its snowing, light drifting snow, dancing sideways on the wind..

Still no sap is running, but they say that we will have a few days coming soon that the sap should run, which is good because its hard to make my planned cured meat this month if I can’t get the sap to boil down to use in the cure..

Breakfast was omlet with spinach greens, hot water

Lunch was going to be soup but I forgot that I had a lunch date, opps, its a friend we get together for lunch every two months, I had water, and Beef, veggies and rice for lunch. She pulled it going fast and went, ready! I was like, give me two min! ah… and ran to throw on non-farm cloths, hair in pony tail and go!

Supper is going to be a Beef Barley Tomato veggie soup..

Drinks, water, hot tea with honey, Hubby Hot chocolate..

Need to make a nice big pot of soup to have for quick grab and go’s and for the weekend use if we don’t feel like cooking.. Also need to make bread, I want to gift a friend a loaf this weekend.

My research today has been all about compost trenches for growing celery on.. I have some pretty raw manure/bedding packs that I want to get into production value for this garden season and trenching is a good way to make this happen.

anyone ever done trenching in the gardens that are then grown on that same season? If so, did you lime the bed first? Did you find that it grew well?  Did you find that you needed to water more?




Snacks -FG- Apple, Hubby- Chocolate cake, Peach/orange cake

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One Response to March 19th- Cooking Ahead..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    You asked about lime and water? It’s a big article, but she(?) does get there…

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