March 8th- Busy Day..

We really didn’t get to sleep in today, we need to go pick up a feed order, we wanted to get to the church basement second hand shop, found a awesome warm soft blanket for the hounds, and a lovely double flannel sheet set, I have plans for it, it will be a coming post for sure, four lovely new cobalt blue, three big coffee cups or soup/stew cups, a new (to us) pair of black jeans for hubby and two quart canning jars and one new bit water jug, as my regular one has decided that it wants to leak , it can be used in a number of ways still but not tipped and drank from..  Grand total of 6.50, Wish they had more jars at 25 cents each, I would snap up a few more hundred to be sure.

Then we needed to go the store, yup, I bought ten pounds worth of carrots, I am not cheating on this one, they are for horse training treats.

Breakfast was Toasted bread with roast beef on it for me, and Peanut butter for hubby, Lunch was two porgies each and leftover soup, Supper was a lovely stirfry, with a full pint of my sprouted mung beans, leaving me with half a quart jar for use tomorrow, don’t you love that half a cup of dried beans can turn into a quart full of lovely yummy fresh food just before your own eyes!

Got a visit with friend in the early afternoon, along with some work on the farm done, and then headed out for a late afternoon ride, it was good in some ways and challenging in others, but overall everyone arrived safe and sound back home and tomorrow is new day.

This evening, I think I am going to take my hubby on head to head on Sod Busters a board game and see who can homestead better out in the wild west 🙂


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One Response to March 8th- Busy Day..

  1. LuckyRobin says:

    That sounds like an interesting board game.

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