March 7th-March Challange

Breakfast was Dippy eggs and toast, more egg then toast.. lunch was a huge roast beef sandwhich with mustard and I was missing having anything fresh to go on it. I wanted greens, cheese, tomato or peppers.. I stared at my sandwhich, and frowned.

Then I made a itty bitty cabbage salad and put it on my sandwhich, not bad, not bad at all..

Then hubby wanted porgies for supper, and I said, sure no problem (thinking we had a bag in the freezer) opps, nope, so homemade it was.. I don’t normally make homemade porgies, so they turned out huge but tasty..

Three was enough for a full meal, I made them with mashed spuds, steak, garlic and soft sheep milk cheese.

2013-01-01 1622 (600x450) (2)

I think I might have overdid the workouts yesterday, I did a knee strengthing one in the morning, then I did a horse training session, then I did extra outside chores, and ended up taking a walk and breaking snow.. I was done right after supper, crash! a bit sore on Saturday morning, but stetching will work it out, I am so riding both days of the weekend!

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4 Responses to March 7th-March Challange

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Your Perogies (Piroshkis, Varenyky) look and sound DELICIOUS!
    SO yummy finished off with onions in bacon fat; then served with sour cream, cabbage rolls and kabobs… Hey! This sounds like supper; )

  2. sally says:

    Hey farmgirl, I have been reading through your archives and I am liking your blog. I like your tell it how it is style and the fact that you do not shy away from the realities associated with raising animals for meat. I also like that you talk about some of the costs invovled in this kind of lifestyle as I am finding start up costs not inconsiderable.

    I raise a few pigs and sell the meat but all the money I make at this point still goes back into the pigs, For example I have decided to buy feed by the ton to make it cheaper but I have to invest in the feed bins to store that amount.
    After the feed bins I want a chook pen but it needs to be built well (ie not by me) cos we have snakes, hawks, wild dogs as well as foxes. Then I will have my own meat, eggs and some veggies. I work as well so not enough time for milking something right now so no cheese for me or milk for my piggies, but maybe one day.
    cheers sally

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