Sausage an white bean casserole receipe

2013-01-01 1295 (600x450)

This recipe is one that I just winged, does that surprise you at all.. not if you have been reading for awhile 🙂

I wanted to can up a batch of white beans in tomato sauce for the pantry use, so this is a large batch, as I can most of it, and baked off just enough to try out the new bean pot.

One bag of white beans, soaked overnight, drained, rinced and put to a slow simmer in a large pot, I drained them once, rinced and refilled with pre-boiling water and simmered again, till tender to the bite.

At that point, I drained them, and in the pot, I put a bit of good lard, two finely diced onions, six cloves of garlic and cooked till clear, then I added in one quart of tomato sauce, and one quart of diced spiced tomato’s, 1/4 cups of fancy molassies, one tbsp. of salt, one full tbsp. of montreal steak spice. This was brought to a simmer to allow the flavours to meld.

Then I canned up eight pints (adding extra water to top of the jars (and they were still really full), then I took the rest of the beans, added in a extra cup of water and baked at 350 for around an hour and half, I diced up some of my homemade sausage , add it in and baked for another half hour..

The result is seen in the above photo, rich, thick, very hearty Sausage and Bean Casserole..

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