12 Months, 12 Letters.. a promise to keep..

I know myself, this will not be a easy one to keep, I have done my best to set myself up to have success, I have bought the cards, I have bought a stamp pack, (which will only work for a bit before I will need to update it, because they raised the stamp cost) and I am putting it out here, with the challenge to take photos of the letters, maybe the stuff that goes in them, or even a bit of the letter itself depending on the month.

I love getting mail, its a thrill to walk down to the end of the road and get something in the mail box (well other then bills and even they can make me happy on some days, there is a quiet hum, when you get your bills and you check their balances and they are all paid and good) but winter is rarely the time to do it as there are three months worth of power bills that always flex and make me snarl! at them a bit, even when we keep the power use down, we still pay though the nose..

Now I know that email is faster and phone is even more personal.. but you see some of these letters are going to the little girls, and when you are six or eight, its just cool to get your own mail, I am hoping that they will start writing me back 🙂

I got poor Dh in this to.. I wrote one letter to the girls, and he wrote the other, the plan is to flip back and forth on who writes who, so that they get a bit more interaction with their uncle.

So this month, they got a lovely Christmas/Happy New Years card, with three photos in it, one of each of us with the Christmas horse photos, and one of uncle with his mighty Frog LOL

First month done and mailed out! Yes, I blanked out the mailing address for safety’s sake 🙂

2013-01-01 1143 (600x450)

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4 Responses to 12 Months, 12 Letters.. a promise to keep..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    D’you think we could help save those 8,000 Canada Post jobs, if we all did the same?

    • It would most likely have helped, just like if everyone else did the same as me and demanded paper records on all bills to be sent to your house, even if you do online banking, I don’t trust that things can’t get mixed up, I know that my post office lady says that they figure that it won’t be letters that make them successful but it will be delivering packages that were bought online, they want to give fed ex, etc a run for their money, or so I was told.

  2. queen of string says:

    I should do this with Doomer, I do write to her now and again, but not as often as I think I should. It’s one of those things that falls down the list! If you’re reminding me then I am more likely to get on it! I usually send things for the little ones too, which I always hope will be received with some excitement. Being the lady that sends the parcels, as you will be the lady who sends the letters, is, I think, a very nice place to occupy in someone else’s life. 🙂

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