Roasted Rabbit.. The basic’s

2013-01-01 987 (800x600)

This is a perfect little roaster size rabbit, a nice young 12 to 14 week old fryer as they call it but you can do pretty much anything with it, I put it on a bed of onion, water, a splash of vinager to help pull the good stuff out of the bones, a few cloves of garlic and then I covered it with my favorite season’s and more dried garlic..

2013-01-01 1003 (800x600)

Look at that over a quart of amazing white broth, its full of flavour, and all the goodness that a slow, slow roast bones and meat can give you.. Below, I pulled it apart into this most useful parts, front legs and cage, loins/back meat and the two full legs.

2013-01-01 1004 (800x600)

Now you can do so many different things with the parts but Dh does not like to be reminded that this is rabbit and so, it must be deboned in my house!

2013-01-01 1005 (800x600)

So the meat on the far right, is all the stew/soup meat and bits, its the front legs and the bits from the neck, back etc, the perfect white meat at the bottom will go in a stirfry or a salad sandwich or as the white meat for a salad etc, and the top left leg/thigh, will work its way into some kind of dish that will allow it to stay those bigger pieces, it could just be crisped up and served as is or it could be used a couple different ways.

So for tonight, I took the broth, mashed the onions and the garlic into it, added back the bits, sliced a big tub of mushrooms into it, a handful of barley and six cups or so of frozen mixed veggies, its going to be a thick and flavourful rabbit stew!

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5 Responses to Roasted Rabbit.. The basic’s

  1. Cate says:

    Hi Farm Gal …. can you give the approx before weight of the rabbit and how much cooked meat you got from this rabbit?
    Also, do you butcher your own rabbits or send them “off farm”?
    If “off farm” — do you pay flat rate per rabbit or by weight of each rabbit?
    If you butcher your own, can you recommend a youtube video or something similar for “the process”
    I have never had rabbit but have heard it is very similar to chicken … is this true?
    Heard they are wonderful to raise …. and eat
    All your recipes sound wonderful — looking forward to trying some.

    • Hi Cate

      This rabbit butchered out was around four and half pounds, you get pretty much the same approx. meat from a four pound rabbit as you would from a four or five pound chicken that is a normal chicken, (not a super fast grower, with a massive breast area). I would say that I got at least two and half to three pounds of meat on the body you saw, now I also saved the heart and the livers, which will be a different dish, and I saved the side flaps, which will be another dish, for two of us, I tend to get typically ten to twelve meals per rabbit, or around 20 plus portions. now remember, I choose to butcher this rabbit at what is call, fryer weight, I could have grown it out to be heavier, I have butchered out big bucks that I was raising for pelts first and had them dress out between six to eight pounds.

      I self-butcher, It would be a flat rate per rabbit if done off farm but it would be such a waste, you would not get the pelt, would not get the organ’s, would not have the extra’s on a rabbit that can go to the hounds, when I am done self-butchering, everything on a rabbit is close looped on the farm, and nothing goes to waste.

      Not at all sure if there is a good rabbit butcher video on youtube but I will poke around and see.

      It is similar to chicken, that is true, if you allow the rabbit flavour to come out, its lightly and delightful, but it takes no effort to make it taste like chicken or to use it like chicken in recipes.

      They are quite easy to raise once you understand their needs, they are great to eat, but they are a very hard kill, fowl is much easier in the terms of attachement to me, I like my favorite chickens, but I really do find birds much easier to do then rabbits, because raised right, your rabbits are so trusting and sweet, makes the kill day very very hard.

      The biggest issue I have with eat rabbit, is that it means more kill/butcher days then I would like, do a lamb or a pig and its a big animal, it’s sad and done and takes a good amount of time and effort but you will be eating it for many meals, but rabbits and grow out pens, plus the different rates in regards to males vs females, means you can have as often as one a month butcher days pretty much the whole year round, and that is hard..

      Raise a calf to butcher and its one day and done, and you get to eat beef for a year, but rabbits, you are faced with that month in and month out.. its the biggest downside as far as I am concerned.

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    What seasonings did you put on it? It looks like paprika, salt, and pepper, maybe garlic powder, but what else? There looks to be a lot of different things on it.

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