Garden Report June 8th to 13th..

Costs in the garden outputs this week- 0

Total Garden Outputs (including seeds/plants) for 2013- 468.15 dollars

Total Garden imputes in terms of harvest for 2013-1269.84

Currently = In the good by 801.69

Total Garden impute in terms of free, gifted or foraged plants for 2013-931.88

Planted this week-,Friday to Thursday

  • cucumbers
  • 3 different squash
  • tomato’s
  • onions

* we have had as much rain this week as we normally get on average in the whole month, my garden now has dug ditch drainage lines in certain area’s trying to dry things up but the simple fact is that we will have to replant some area’s and we will not be able to plant more until it dry’s out. hopefully next week will be better!

Plus Greenhouse seeding plantings.. but I am not going to go over those, they will be talked about when they make it out to the main gardens.

Harvest this week..

  • horseradish Greens- 2 bunches- 3.99 at the Chinese market-8
  • Fresh Mints- 20 cups – I weighted this out and its 2.29 per cup -45
  • Mirco greens- equal to one box-5.99
  • Rhubarb 20 pds- at 2.50 per pd ***-50
  • Baby beets bunch-2.99 (can someone explain how a baby beet bunch is cheaper then baby beet greens)
  • Raddish- 52 bunch-1.99-4
  • Fresh Dill- 1 bunch-1.99
  • Snap pea-3.99


  • Nettles- 5 bunches for Girl, one per day.. 10
  • Rabbit greens- Picked mixed daily, around the amount of two mixed baby green box’s so -10
  • Ditch hay-8 wheelbarrols full at around 40 pds per load-320 pds-24

Folder Savings for 2013-44.00

Total this week –142


Pig plow update: Cleared 128 square feet this week

total Plow this spring so far 1600 square feet..

compost used from the farm – Six wheelbarrels- equal to 24 large bags at the store.. 2.99 per bag- Savings on compost this week-71.76

Savings on compost for 2013 -183.64 (including tax)

Gifted to us this week-134

  • 6 lilac bushes-60 (ten each)
  • 1 mulberry tree-29.99
  • 24 tomato plants -27
  • 1 mint plant-9.99
  • Pot of flowering plant-Large-6.99

Gifted Seeds this year-

  • Beans
  • Ockra
  • Luffa
  • Blue Dent Corn

Gifted from us Total to date : 286

  • 300 pds of well composted farm compost–45
  • six rhubarb root in a pot- 60
  • 8 apple mints-48
  • 2 -Beebalm Red 20
  • 1 Beebalm Pink- 10
  • Peppermint (little)- 4
  • 4 Wild Violets ( big pots worth) -40
  •  5 Nettles- (normally can only order seeds so will use that)-16
  •  2 virgina creepers- 20
  •  4 Creeping Charlie- 20
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3 Responses to Garden Report June 8th to 13th..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    The tomatoes are a heritage cherry – I’ll find out which variety when I go up to the nursery next, mixed colours of antique Lilac (parents range from pure white, through various shades of mauve) and the mint is Chocolate. There were also (from last year’s seedlings): one “Dragon’s Blood” Sedum baby, one (light coloured) Columbine, plus, can’t remember which, but in one of the pots, a couple of hitch-hiking Lemon Balm seedlings from this year.

  2. Marney says:

    What do you use the Virginia Creeper and Creeping Charley for? I have both plants and know they have obscure medicinal qualities but am curious about how you use them in your system. Thanks in advance if you have a moment to respond.

    • Creeping charley works well as a choking out ground cover but one that is super easy to pull out and be replanted out in..

      The Virginia creeper is not good for anything that I know of, other then to climb, shade cover and look pretty.. I guess if you wanted to drive someone crazy with a rash for some reason, you could put the active sap on things and make them really really regret having touched that 🙂

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