Battered Deep Fried Burdock Wrapped Spleen with recipe.

I was feeling the need for some bitters in my meal but I was also craving fat and salt, and I had a small pork spleen that I had intended to use as my lunch.. hmmm what is a girl to..

Head out to the garden and pick some of the most tender, smallest, and youngest Burdock leaves, a fresh green onion, some chives, garlic, and some lemon mint..

2012-12-24 437 (500x375)

Into the house and take out the prepared spleen that has been soaking overnight in salt water into fine stripes.. clean the greens, and extra’s, take out the middle stripes of the burdock leaves, leaving just the soft fresh sides.

2012-12-24 435 (500x375)

In a bowl, crack a few just collected still room temp egg into a bowl, with a splash of fresh raw just done milk, a little pour of cornmeal and flour, salt, pepper, and seasoning salt mixed into a tempur batter thickness.

I loosely rolled a leaf, spleen, onion, mint and then rolled in into the batter, ideally filling the middle with batter to a point as well, and into my pre-heated 350 lard it goes, it will become a golden brown that floats, flip, finish cooking another min an a bit, and then into the plate, with a napkin to catch the oil, a fresh sprinkle of sea salt, a bit of lemon juice and devour..

2012-12-24 436 (500x375)


Now the burdock should only be one thin layer, and you can expect it to have a dark greens bitter undertone, but if you have the right mix of the others, its lovely!

Made this way, one spleen makes enough to serve two people this awesome filling meal, I think If I was going to serve it to DH or company, I would serve it with a sour cream/chive/sugar/black pepper dressing to drizzle over and or dip into.. or ranch dressing in a pinch would most likely rock with it as well!



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2 Responses to Battered Deep Fried Burdock Wrapped Spleen with recipe.

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh. My. Word FG, this sounds just amazing! To me though, the BEST part is using bitter greens to get your bile production kicked into high gear before digestion barely begins on these wonderfully fritter-fried little morsels: )
    Oh hey! (Slavedriver that I am; ) I’m assuming that you make your own Ranch Dressing too… Any secrets to pass along – other than your secret ingredient, super-fresh Girl’s milk products, of course: )

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