Fly control.. homemade bug spray mix..

Well, there a number of things that are in play to help control the flies, there are the ducks and chickens having access to the compost piles and the dung dropping from the larger critters.

There is a natural mix that goes into both the cow and horses feed to help control this as well..

But none the less, the bottom line is that they need to be sprayed down once or twice a day to help with the flies and bugs and to have fly masks..

I very much liked the mix we used last year and so while I am tweeking it a bit this spring, it will be my man go to mix.. its 1/3rd avon skin so soft, 1/3rd vinager and 1/3rd water, my extra’s this year is I am adding in ten drops of lemongrass oil and ten drops of Tea Tree oil to the mix.. pour together.. shake well before using and avoid the eyes, I just cup over them when spraying for the cow and I spray my hand and wipe when it comes to Brandy’s ear’s and face, I am careful around the nose as well..

I am also thinking about maybe? trimming down Brandy’s feathers, I have heard that its a good idea, we will see..

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2 Responses to Fly control.. homemade bug spray mix..

  1. elizabeth says:

    just a heads up, avon in its’ infinite wisdom has CHANGED the ‘original skin-so-soft’ bath oil. it now contains jojoba oil, and smells quite different 😦 if you have an avon dealer who still has some of the original without jojoba you might want to buy out her/his stock. also email avon and swear at them. good luck.


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