This and That Sunday…

O my goodness, that a amazing day! so warm, its a outside day, I will work on the inside stuff later today, we slipped off the farm and had a breakfast date at our local sunday place, it was a bit to crowded for our taste, we ending up the busy corner insteed of our normal quiet tucked away booth, so we didn’t linger but it was still a great way to start the day..

2012-12-24 051 (375x500)

Then we headed to the our favorite local fruit tree place and got a new pear tree

2012-12-24 050 (500x375)

And then ended up with a new kind of gooseberry, current and blackberry for good measure..

2012-12-24 053 (500x375)

Then we spotted 12 of these on the side of the road and ended up dropping off the plants and heading right back out to pick them to use in the horse agility course! Its the last weekend before the spring pickup in our neck of the woods so we have spent some of yesterday and today, getting anything that needs to hauled out to the end of the drive done.

2012-12-24 049 (500x375)

We put both Brandy (horse) and Girl out on tie out, so they are my awesome redneck lawnmowers 🙂 We already got the pear tree in the ground already and will soon enough with the others.

2012-12-24 052 (500x375)

Need to get this latest patch of garden plot finished up and planted out today, its going into new strawberry plant rows. also got one of pop-up greenhouses set up this weekend, so will be working on getting it filled up this week.. and ideally getting the second one set up as well.

And heads up, I butchered out a gilt yesterday, so the blog is about to get really heavy on pig butchering, pig recipes and all related area’s there..

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14 Responses to This and That Sunday…

  1. wow you have been busy

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    So, what variety of pear, current, black, and goose berries? Spill us the details please?

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