Its kinda funny that for someone who does not drink beer, I am so excited to have added in hops to the farm.

I am looking forward to using them as a mild amount of fodder, there are good solid studies that show that they are can be used at low percent rates in bird feed that will increase growth rates and increase gut health in the birds overall.

I like the idea of hops pillows and it can be used in few other ways that I have read and need to explore personally to see if any of it is true or not..

I am also very interested in trying the hops in the spring, when they are treated much like a early season aspergus, and the hops themselves can be cooked and eaten in a number of ways, but the most popular seems to be stuffed with cheeses and tampura batter deep fried..


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2 Responses to Hops..

    • Hi Deb

      Wow, that was a great write up and thanks so much for that link..

      I was quite excited about the studies done on using a very low but clear persent of it for the chickens, will share more on that later. but this is some really good stuff to think about. going to need to try that lovely dye for sure..

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