Offically Introducing Houdini

Well, I have to admit to being a bit surprised to need to write this, I guess because if any of my critters were missing, I would be out looking, driving, posting flyers, contacting vets and filing a missing critter report with the authorities and using Kijji to try and get them back, but alas that does not appear to be the case with “pony”

So at this point, there really a few choices, try and find a rescue that will take him, try and find him a new home or just settle in that he will be here for a bit.

I am not wanting to quite give up that maybe, just maybe the right information will get to the right person and so I would hate to put him in rescue or rehome him only to have someone finally pull in the drive with their hopes all up.

On the other hand, the cost of hay is crazy this year and the glut of available for very low cost to free/give away horses on the kijji over the past month speaks volumes, there are a number of mini’s available over the past while and from what I can see, they are certianly having trouble finding them new homes and neither DH nor I want “pony” to end up going for meat by trying to place him as quickly or as cheaply as possable.(  Please don’t think that I mean I want to make money on him, its just that “free” can be a very bad thing when trying to place a critter as it can bring out the folks that sound perfect, and then would turn around and sell him on)

So after many, many! talks between us, we have reached this at the moment, lets get him up to date on his health checks, get his feet done and if needed his teeth floated, lets just say that he is staying till this summer after the first hay cuts start coming in to releave the pressure that is being felt this winter to move animals out due to costs or just not being able to find hay period. Lets put in a few months worth of training, lets get all the basic’s in place and ideally start breaking him for harness/driving, so that he has a much improved shot at getting a good home to move to in the future.

I am at this time, still not really wanting or seeing any point in having a mini on the farm, which is not to say that I don’t like the little guy but I like my “big” horses that can do it all, but I also feel that I should do everything possable to set this little man up to have the best chance in life.

So given all the above, its time to give “pony” a name and admit that he might be here to stay for a while or even a good long while..

Please welcome Houdini !! Our little Grey Dappled Pinto Boy!

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 010 017 (600x449)

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5 Responses to Offically Introducing Houdini

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    OMG, he is the cutest little ball of fuzz that I’ve ever seen… Walcommen Herr E. Houdini ah, sorry, lmao; just too punny!!

    • Hi Deb,

      He has one of the fullest coats I have ever seen but from what I have read while trying to learn about mini’s, that is quite normal, and he has the funniest mane, it stands straightup, but his tail is long and silky, I expect when he is all cleaned up, that he is going to be stunning little guy. The good news is that now that snow has arrived and he is more settled in, he has been able to turned out for a couple hours a day in the pasture and has been staying in so far but we will have to put up electic hot wires in the spring just for safety sake, I don’t mind to much that he is being a kept pony in the barn with his time out in the paddork but would perfer to have him have the same access as the others do, I just think it more healthy for them.

  2. queen of string says:

    perhaps you could add a donate button to the blog and those who wish to could help out with his hay? Kinda, a temporary Houdini adoption program :-), afterall , we will be getting regular updates and photos, just like the charities do!

    • Hi Queen,

      Well, that’s a idea I had not thought of, and while I think your idea is very kind and I would not turn down a little something that went towards him if one of my regulars wanted to do so, be itn towards hay or be it towards getting him his mini-harness(from what I can tell being broke to drive seems to be the “thing” that makes them more adoptable, given that he will never had paperwork nor be able to breed etc) but I would not feel very comfortable with having a button up, because if I felt that we could not afford to look after him, I would be searching for a rescue to take him ideally.

      But yes, you most certainly will indeed be getting regular updates and photos!

  3. dreamfarming says:

    If you train him to carry little riders he could get a job as birthday party pony and pay for his own hay. Like a grown up son who has come home to live for a while and chips in for food.

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