Fish and what they are eating these days!

I like fish, I remember fresh caught fish up at the family cabin, out at the red deer river, fishing out on different lakes across alberta, and Northern Fishing is a delight! Fresh caught Char that could be bought directly from the locals by the cooler full when we were in Nunavut.

Now that I live down in ontario, I have rivers that run fairly close to the farm, one within ten min walking distance, and two more within 30 min walking, and dozens within an hours drive, but the waters are all murky, and its all river fishing, for lakes, I must go much further north.

I have been buying (at a higher price) Wild Caught B.C. Salmon and Wild Caught Char from Iqaluit, bringing home enough to barely have a meal here and there over the space of the year, I don’t want fish caught and done in china.  I do my very best to stay as far away as possable from fish that are farmed, being feed food that they are not meant to eat, and then having their flesh color dyed to fool us into thinking that we are eating good quality.

Lately I have been wanting to have more fish in my diet, Now I will talk about the fact that I would like a portion of fish in my weekly menu planning or even two.. so I can take a lot of portions out of a typical size fish, and I am more then willing to consider doing some pressure canning so that its not all frozen in the freezer.

So I have been looking at what is available for locally caught and produced fish in both ontario and quebec, which has me on the hunt for fish markets in the two bigger cities nearest to me, to see what is available to me in this regards.

The second thing to consider is starting to get a fishing permit and consider starting to see what I can catch in my own local creeks, an rivers, given the amount of folks I have seen down on them fishing, someone is catching something!

How are you all dealing with fish in your menu and planned storage, Is it a active part of your menu planning, are you buying whatever you want regardlesss of where its been caught and or processed? Are you buying local? Are you buying in country? Have you limited what kind of fish you are choosing to eat? Will you eat farmed fish? and if so, are you being picky on what kind of farmed fish you are choosing to eat?

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6 Responses to Fish and what they are eating these days!

  1. Lake Lili says:

    I would love to eat more fish than we do. Having been brought up on Friday night fish sticks (my mother alternated these with hog dogs as she and the priest determined that they were not meat either…) I will still buy them occaisionally for Monkey. We buy a lot of tinned fish – tuna, salmon, crab, oysters, shrimp, etc. However, Monkey is really not fond of fish and I prefer it fresh – sushi fresh. Like other fresh fish, its quality is questionable in my neck of the woods, so it is a Big Smoke treat. There is a lot of fishing on our lake but nothing really worth eating – its all way too small. But I would agree there is nothing as good as black cod from Valdez fresh off the boat and onto the pan… or shrimp from Prince William Sound – they’re enormous! Or artic char (smoked is yummy)… or getting candied salmon from the plant in Ketchican… or lobster in a shack in Maine. Sounds like a cross country canning expedition is in order… hmmm any travel agents out there?

  2. mom says:

    I refuse to buy farmed fish as they feed them a mixture of grain and heavy antibiotics to keep didease at bay. There is no where for the feces to go as they are not in flowing water. I will pay the price for northern caught wild fish. I also buy tuna,salmon and frozen shrimp. We have a new store in town run by a fillipino family and he has three freezers filled with fish and vegetables that
    I have never seen. I bought a small amount off him yesterday and will see what it is like. He doesn’t speak English well and I speak his language not at all so it was a difficult conversation but i believe he told me “caught off big boat” Hopefully he means ocean caught. Mom

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    “Farmed” fish?? (Please note the tone of extreme disdain.) Not a chance girly!
    I grew up spending summers taking camping, hiking, fishing trips with my family.
    Up before dawn with Dad, rubbing sleep out of my eyes. Keeping time with the lady of the lake as she rose, wrapped in her misty veil from beneath the still surface while we waited for a hungry tug from the world below.
    We caught Small Mouth Bass and Pickerel in and around magical Mazinaw (where there are also Perch, Sunfish, Pike, Muskellunge and Lake Trout; in Southern Ontario, only the Great Lakes are deeper) and the Haliburton Highlands.
    These days, we live very nearby Rice Lake which has also been a rich source of fish for hundreds of years.
    Catching fish for breakfast (lunch & supper) is my favourite way to spend my time.

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    You know, in answer to one of your questions, it may not be the best (’cause there sure isn’t any ice fishing around here this year): but, even after being frozen, your own-caught fish still beats the hell out of that skinless boneless crap they’re selling in the stores.
    But the best fish I have ever tasted (next to pan fried right-out-of-the-lake fresh) was home smoked Lake Trout (and it had come out of Lake Ontario):

  5. We’ve mostly *not* eaten fish. I suppose it’s because I’m from the Maritimes, but the thought of fish, which is so highly perishable, being frozen and shipped just gives me the willies. A few weeks ago, L gave me a bag of fillets of some white fish that a friend of theirs had caught. Explosion and I loved it (very strong flavour, whatever it was).

    Now I’m not sure what to do – our doctor said to increase the fish in Explosion’s diet. That would not be an issue if I were closer to … oh … water. I’d love to know what’s local to southern Ontario.

    By the way, I have Chinese relatives and they say not to buy *anything* from China, especially the food. (Taiwan and Japan have much stricter regulations.) When they were visiting recently, I bought a package of little cakes at the local Asian grocery as a treat for their kids, and the reaction was “Do NOT eat this. This is very, very bad food. This is from China. Chinese food is very bad.”

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      Hey CD! I’ve listed a bunch of local (Ontario) species just above in the comments for this posting. N. B. What I call Pickerel here is also called Walleye by Americans and Doré in Québec. (But, no matter what you call it, it’s DELICIOUS! ; )

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