Food Storage Friday-One month in..

Joining in the ranks of Canadian Doomer and others like Chile Chews,  and Backyard Farm along with unprocessed real food month with its daily updates on idea’s and thoughts on how to use whole food in your diet, we are eating out of our pantry this month.

Well, this morning was the first true hard frost at the farm, its been a great fall for this, we had two or three cover nights in late Sept, and then we had an amazing oct in the gardens, so I certianly can’t say that its not time, still it was a little sad to see that the frost was hard enough to turn the pastures silver until 9am before the sun could burn off it off.. Its a sign that without cold frames and hoop houses or indoor growing, fresh greens and herbs are done for a couple months now.

This week has been a off-week for me, Dh had a cold, which he gave to me (no surprise there, we live in the same house) but like normal he was over it in no time flat and I am taking longer to get things back to normal.

I did pick up a few things this past week that were on sale to the point that I just could not walk away, example, 3 pd bags of provincally grown onions for 57 cents, I bought bags of them and have been filling the dryer with them and filling jars with dried onion for late winter and early spring use when my home grown are done and its to early for even little green onions to be popping their heads up.. They also had bags for 10 pd provincal carrots for 2.99, so I have chopped and dried 30 pds of carrots for late winter/early spring use, again choosing to eat my fresh, I wish I had a better carrot crop this year but we only got two rows in this year and so I needed to bulk up on them.

Its been a soup, stew week other then my birthday supper, when we had half plates filled with super sweet amazingly good fresh carrots and a big old beef steak with huges amounts of fresh fried mushrooms.. heavenly, I don’t know why but sometimes I just crave beef, and with the costs of beef, and the amount of lamb in my freezer, i don’t give in to it often but o my, that steak was heavenly, it was also the first real heavy meal I had for a number of days.

As this is the last week of the unprossesed challange, I decided to push a little harder on that one and given that it was a soup/stew week mostly, it was not hard to do, the only real thing made that didn’t cut it was DH’s one bowl chocolate cake, it was made with white flour, but hey, I didn’t have to make it, and it was awesome!

With it being fall and with christmas time sales coming on standard baking items, I will be building my storage for the coming year while rotating and using what I have in stock at this time, having said that I will be contining on with my food storage eating into Nov and perhaps even longer.

Now one of the interesting things that I am working on this week (which will also get its own post) is rendering lamb tallow, sheep tallow and making homemade soap, plus I want to make a one or two homemade lamb tallow candles.

My very expecting ewe who yesterday just started to bag up will have to be in on the plans, as I will hold off making my lamb tallow/fresh sheep milk soap until she has her little ones and is settled in and in full production.  I should have just enough time to cure some small fancy little soaps for stocking stuffers.

So how is your eating of your pantry going? What interesting things did you make this week?  Where you able to find some fall specials that where just to good to pass on?

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