Wanted to share a few of my new treasures.

Well as the regular’s know, Its farmgal Birthday time around here and thank you so much for those of you that sent me wishes, as I know I got my big present from DH last week and have been using it every since.

However I also got some really great fun and useful things from my family, I hope you won’t mind me sharing some of them with you and to send a big thank you to my family that read’s the blog.. your wishes, cards and gifts are wonderful!

This is just such a wonderful little Knick-Knack, just love it..

Just lovely hand dyed, Wool/Alpaca blend for making something amazingly warm and pretty over the winter, two full sets of the same dye set. What a great color combo.

Just a wonderful collection of preserving books along with cook books, including one with 40 recipes to use carrots, and I like the little one filled with herb bread recipes. The art of preserving is interesting mix of Canning book, Recipe book, and art coffee table book, the photos are amazing, lets hope that the recipes are as good as the photo’s are!

This  second hand wicker basket is stuff with padding inside and on the top, with a perfecty fitting big 12 cup tea pot, its got to one of the prettest versions of a hay box, I have seen!

Last but by no means least, came a set of gifts one for me, one for DH.. I am sure you can figure which one belongs to who.. Way, way to cute..


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4 Responses to Wanted to share a few of my new treasures.

  1. Dawn Meador says:

    Beautiful gifts! I so love to get gifts that people make for me ~ Hope you had a wonderful day full of many memories!

  2. I love the yarn and tea pot. Have you decided what you will knit with the yarn?

  3. ma says:

    I am glad you like the Alpaca wool. When I saw them at the Farmer’s Market in N.B. I immediately thought of you. I just love the colours also. Having said that, the wool is meant for you to make yourself a beautiful warm something. There was a third skein but the colours were a little off the two I chose. I left the ladie’s card in the bag in case you ever want to contact her. I hope you found it.

    You received many beautiful and interesting presents but then you are a beautiful and interesting person.

    I hope you are feeling better today.

    Best wishes from dh’s Ma

  4. Lynn says:

    Wanted to pop by and say Happy Belated Birthday!! I love seeing all of your gifts, too.

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