A little extra time in the woods!

We often spend time out in the local woods but we rarely overnight it anymore due to the farm and all its needs, with MIL visiting and fall in full colors, getting out for a little overnight stay just seemed like a ideal thing to do.. only one thing that really needed to be figured out, how do I get to spend time in bush and at the same time provide a bed and at least a few luxuries for her without renting a fancy cabin.. Here was the answer!

Yup, we rented a yurt, it had two sets of bunk beds, a wood stove, propane fridge and two burner stove, no power, no water, a good little walk to the outhouse, a outdoor table and fire pit. A great meet in the middle, it was in a provincal park but it was in the “semi-wilderness area” which means it was only 33 sites across the little lake  for tenting only, plus the two yurts one on each end of the lake for rent, it was a good couple miles down a narrow gravel road, but check out the lake we were on..

Not a bad view just down the path from the yurt to lake,  I thought it was wonderful, we spent the morning doing all the chores and then all the extra prep for a overnight out, extra food bowls, extra water bowls, every extra water’s that slowly release water as its used, extra big critter feeders that hold a couples days worth of food at a time, extra bedding, New 900 pds hay bale cut and out in the feeder, and with one planned check in the evening by a friend and we were off.

We drove a longer route out into the park, stopped to pick fresh local organic apples, stopped at this place or that to just look, and arrived pretty much on time to book in and we had a nice walk about, and then a good cooked over the fire supper, and lots of good stories, laughs and teasing to be had, DH’s Uncle B drove up for the outing, he is a wonderful gentleman with a great sense of humour.

We found out that the mattress’s were better on the floor then on the bunkbeds, and in the morning, we got up and I thought I would sneak away with DH and cup of hot drink to go sneak in the view of the lake, but we had only gotten half way down the path when I say the big rambling black shape come from the left side of the road, and hand shoots out, and I am go back up, that’s a yearlin black bear cub, mother can’t be far behind, it went across the path, over the road and into the bush, so back up we went and waited a few min to be sure it was all clear, and we headed down to see if we could find tracks, (I had the camera with me, but forgot about it in my desire to back up the trail to the yurt)

I was able to find some push off but nothing that I considered a great track worth a photo, sorry, on the other hand, I was so proud of my DH, I was tracking the trail right, and he tracked it left and he was able to stay on it and show me here and here.. I lost it halfway up the hillside and didn’t want to go further into the bush to see if I could pick it up again, there was only two other folks in the whole site, both in tents, wonder if it checked out either site before coming out way 🙂

Because we were in a park we didn’t pick anything but we did have a great fun spotting and showing each other what we had found, Dh found more different things that we could have eaten or prepared in different ways then me, but I was the one that spotted the most tracks, dung, critter trails and wildlife, so it was a even trade in a way. Got to pull out the backpacks, the water filters, practise firemaking skills, I choose to bring very limited food supplies and even more limited cooking tools, plates etc, the main thing in use was tinfoil

It lightened my heart to get to spend some time outdoors  and yet I came back to the farm with pleasure to be home as well.. Can’t ask for more then that!

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6 Responses to A little extra time in the woods!

  1. queen of string says:

    I love yurts. I have an instructable for how to build one bookmarked, but it wont be at this house due to no room. One day though…

    • It was a great structure, it was not that small at least not to me, 300 sqaure feet was what hubby figured, I asked him if he thought we could live comfortably in that space for the two of us, I had to laugh, he figured we could indeed if we needed to but that it would take a bit of work to get there. I think I could do it as well if needed, provided I still have a shed and barn to go with 🙂

  2. Will says:

    Great to hear about the time out … and the bear … so I guess they really do s**t in the woods then eh?

  3. I’ve never stayed in a yurt, but I have to admit, “yurt” is such a fun word to say!

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