Making Mobile Health Kits

Well this week has been a interesting one, so far

  1. MIL got stung by a wasp on her eyelid, it flew in under her glasses.
  2. Got some nasty bug bites
  3. Got a nasty sliver of plant needle
  4. Had a sheep with a foot that needed care
  5. Had a pull over now event that required a into the bushes run, if get my pun?

Now what do these all have in commen? Yup, minor treatable health issues that if untreated would certainly reduce you or your critters daily quality of life in the short term and could left untreated maybe cause longer health issues.

Which brings me to Mobile Health Kits, They can range from smaller kits with bare basic’s for your vehicles or backpacks to take with you on hikes, or they can be your bigger regular mobile kits for house or outbuildings, I personally make a vehicle kit, and have big kits in the house for human, critter (house) and critter (barn)

I use a tool kit personally, the size I get depends on my own needs and how much I know I will want to stock, some things are crossover’s and can be got in bulk and used to stock all kits, a good example of that would be gloves, instant hand cleaner , safety pins etc.

I have a small battery powered LED light in each kit, along with a small flashlight, the LED is attached to the top of the lip of the box and turned out, will allow you to see even in the middle of the night no matter where you are, while still having both hands available. The small flashlight comes in very handy if you need a spot light or to see something in great detail. I keep a pair of reading glasses in each kit in case I need to see something up close, they were got at farm supply store for just a few dollars but I have seen them at the dollar store as well, great if you are trying to get out a sliver or see detail that you got a wound cleaned out.

Now my peaple kit covers a number of basic’s, ranging from colds, flu’s to all the basic’s in a good first aid kit, hot packs, cold packs, slings, sting remedy’s and the list goes on.  The critter kits do look a far bit different from human kits, and they are tailored for small or big critter care and I have a barn birth kit that looks quite different then the basic barn health kit, but the joy of this system is many.

One you can easily tell someone to get you the kit and then have what you need at your fingertips when you need it, instead of going, this is in that cupboard, this is in that drawer, this is in that box in the bedroom or under the bed etc.

Two, because its all in one place, its much easier to see if something has been used or need to be replaced due to expire dates etc, most things either are good for many years or if you take time when you are buying and looking at the items available on the shelves, means that you can normally find things good for two to five years ahead most of the time.

Three, its tailormade for your life, your family and your needs, this way you can take in your allergies, your families likes and dislikes of brands, basic kits that you can buy are great but if someone inyour family can’t swallow pills, you need to adjust to make sure you have meds that will still work.

So do you have mobile tailor made health kits for your house, vehicle or critters?

This is a Homestead Preparedness Challange Blog Post.

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2 Responses to Making Mobile Health Kits

  1. Pat says:

    But am putting it on the list! thanks for posting these little lists– I’m taking notes, I’ve often wondered about having a kit handy for the car. I don’t even have a 1st aid kit in there, YET.
    Gloves! that was a good one.

    food for thought. Pat

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