Do you store in Glass or Plastic..

I used to have alot of plastic tubs that I would move food over into but over the past number of years, I have worked hard to remove these from the house and replace them with pints, quarts and half gallon or gallon jars, they are easy to clean, reuseable time and again, and they work wonderfully on keeping out the humidity, as well as the odd ant or critter that makes it way into my house now and again.

Not everything gets moved over, as you can see in the photo the lemon juice is still in typical bottle but I would say that at least 90 percent plus is now moved into glass jars at this point, what do you use in your storage and what does your open cupboards look like, and has it changed over the past five years.

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9 Responses to Do you store in Glass or Plastic..

  1. I’m on the same journey, but right at the beginning! Slowly transferring over from the plastics and educating the family about using the glass jars instead.

    • Its a interesting Journey, and one that seems like a never ending one to me, I had hoped to use the bulk barn for many of my purchases but at least locally, they cost is higher to do so then it is to buy at the stores I shop, I remember when this was not the case in my 20’s, you could save money but not here and now..

  2. Melissa says:

    Glass and plastic. Although I am moving more and more over to my glass….What a cute idea. I should take a snap and put it up on my blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by and I had a peek at your blog, looks like you are having a great holiday with the family on the road, Glad you liked the picture, it is a pretty sight, now if only it was not four rows deep, so you could find things just a touch easier.

  3. Nat says:

    I tend to store in plastic at the moment, although I am trying to shift more and more to using glass for things. It usually boils down to an issue of space and the fact that the original packaging of the product, or a zip lock bag tends to fit better in my cupboards.

    There was an interesting little article on the safety of non-BPA plastics recently on the Discovery News page that is encouraging me to use even more glass these days:

    “Even BPA-Free Plastic Not Always Safe — Even BPA-free plastic can leach hormone-like chemicals, research shows, and there’s no way to tell which products pose the risk.”

    • Hi Nat,

      It can be hard at times to switch them over, as the package does fit better but the more I read and learn about plastics, the more sure I am that I want them out of my home when it comes to food use for me or my critters.

      Thanks for the link, I will enjoy reading it later.

  4. Ollamha Anne says:

    I prefer glass. Although, being in an earthquake zone, I’ve been thinking of picking up bubble wrap at the dollar store to give each jar a “life jacket” just in case.

    • Hi Ollamha Anne

      That is a very good point about the earthquake zone, we do seem to get one now and again but so far, its been very minor here, I can see your point, I wonder if you could store most of the jars in their orginal cardboard box’s with the parts between if this would help, not in the cupboard really but at least for bigger storage? or maybe a bubble wrap jacket that is moveable from one to another is the better choice.

  5. We’re almost entirely over to glass now – a journey we started about a year ago. There’s still the issue of storing grains – flour, barley, oats, cornmeal – because we buy such a large amount at a time.

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