The Late Great Beet Challenge!

“Linda at Tree and Twig Farm was offering up some free Detroit Red Beet seeds last week if you agreed to participate in a grow-a-long so I gladly signed up! Linda sent the seeds to readers coast to coast and we all agreed to post about our results so we can compare locations, growing conditions and of course results! The idea is to show that it’s not too late to still plant seeds and in my case I hadn’t yet planted any beets and a bin just waiting to be used. My seeds arrived in the mail earlier this week and today is the agreed upon planting date!”

Just saw Backyard Farms latest post, here is a clip, and a link to her full write up, I am SO into helping folk learn that they don’t just plant on May long weekend and that’s it folks.. You should have heard the “back and forth” between my dad and me about the fact that you can in fact plant before May long weekend, that in fact we can plant early, plant late and replant the same area’s sometimes up to three times in a single growing season depending on what is being grown.

I missed the challange and don’t have the offical beet seeds, but I do! have the right kind of beet seeds and I just happen to have a patch of ground that I can plant into beets, so I am going to join in the challange on a un-offical way and see how my homegrown/collected for the past couple garden seasons Detroit Red Beet seeds do.. So while the offical challange is started.. consider planting some Detroit Red Beets and seeing how it all goes.

Speaking of seeds saving, My pea’s are done for and I am letting the last pods go for my pea seeds for next year, and then it will taken out and replanted into beans for fall pickings.

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5 Responses to The Late Great Beet Challenge!

  1. K.B. says:

    Hey! I’m in on that too! And I’m lucky – I’m close enough to Linda to buy plants and seeds from her – getting free seeds is a great bonus!

  2. CallieK says:

    Oh yay! I’m glad you joined in!

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