Russian Blue Potatos

Hi Guys, I have a number of different potato’s that I have grown over the years, but this is the first year, I have tried growing the russian blue, now the plants grew well, the flowers were lovely, and we are able to get our first early potato’s from them, well the first thing I have noticed is that unlike the nice pretty med blue that is at the store, my Russian Blues are almost black in color when you look at them, making them very! hard to spot in the dirt.

The second thing I have noticed is that they have quite a firm thick skin on them even as fresh new potato’s, I had read in a number of books that these were amazing for mashed, and so I gently cooked up my first batch, after giving them a really good scrub (again that color makes it much harder to know when they are perfectly clean or not) and I boiled them for mashed, They said, they would be a lovely blue color.. hmmmm

This photo truly shows what color mine looked like when mashed, and a lovely blue is not quite what I would call it?

Ok, these were not a hit mashed, they were dry (even after I added extra’s twice) so tell me dear readers, how do you eat your Russian Blues? I will give some of these a try in a few different ways yet but am certainly open to idea’s on what works best with this potato!


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2 Responses to Russian Blue Potatos

  1. Ollamha Anne says:

    My cousin’s father-in-law grew Russian Blues for many years for the specialty market and we always baked them (or nuked them). Can’t say I was really impressed with the flavour although Uncle Don’s potatoes were almost purple when cooked.

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