Farm Sale Report

Got out to a farm sale today and I had my list, and a end goal in mind, but as it turned out, today was a off the list day, I only got one thing on my list..

I went looking for Canning Jars, Beekeeping supplies, a possable Chainsaw and maybe a few new garden/barn tools, with a couple open slots depending on what was in the “many other things”

The thing about sales is, that often you end up coming home with things that make no sense at all as you only wanted one thing but they throw in extra’s, this is how I got a glass punch bowl set with eight cups as I wanted the heavy duty winter work gloves (with tag still on) and the fancy heavy winter black leather driving gloves in my DH hubbies size, they threw in the punch bowl and a pair of black jeans one size to big all for two bucks. Great buy, but how the heck am I going to reuse that punch bowl, I can cut up the to big still new black jeans and use them for patch’s.

First big tote of jars, and box’s of extra lids and rings went for a really good price about 15 cents a jar, and the extra’s on top of that, but then when we got to the next round of jars, new folks had shown up and they got into a bidding war, and finally the winner paid more per jar in the box then if he had bought them new, and they were without lids or rings.

The most don’t need it but love it, was a tiny pinwheel cut glass flower vase that is meant to hold only one flower, its tiny and I just loved it.

Was able to get a whole passel of big steel bowls and a huge steel colunder for a total of 50 cents each, which is a good deal for sure.

Picked up a working small dehumidifier for twenty, compared to new this is a amazing deal and it works great, have attached it to a hose that runs to my sump pump drain and can now set and control the humidity in my cellar, always a good thing.

But my best and biggest buys of the day was in bedding, got two  large box’s of bedding, in the end I got eight double sheet sets, plus two straight sheets, plus 15 pillowcases in the biggest box. Three summer, five thick! Flannel winter ones, the straight sheets are really good qaulity heavy winter flannel, for you guessed it two buck for the box, so that is about 6 cents a sheet or pillowcase, a heck of a deal, the second box was not quite as good, only having two double sets, two single sets and six pillow cases but it was only a dollar, so price wise it worked out to 14 cents a sheet or pillowcase..

So the little tiny flower vase was the cute buy of the day, the “that’s awesome” buy was the dehumidifier, the most practical was the jars and the steel bowls, can you ever have enough steel bowls at harvest time? But the bedding sets were the best buy of the day!

Opps, forgot two things last night.. also got a full size oil lamp and a small waterbath canner, its only big enough to do half pints or smaller but holds seven, so its perfect size to do a small batch with, less size means less water and heat used.

Hit any good second hand shops? Got to any local farm sales? Got a amazing buy at a local garage sales?

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1 Response to Farm Sale Report

  1. jj says:

    We stopped at a garage sale today, but it was quite disappointing. Usually farm yard sales at least have canning jars or cheap bedding, but this one had neither. Oh, well, at least we got to meet another neighbour…

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