Ambystoma maculatum Or Spotted Salamander

Check out this cute little guy we found in the garden this afternoon, its clearly in very good shape and was so zen when picked up. We snapped a few photos and then put him back down in a area that we had already dug, so glad I spotted him before we worked that part of the garden.

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2 Responses to Ambystoma maculatum Or Spotted Salamander

  1. Andrea says:

    Ack! Don’t laugh at me, but I just screamed like a girl and wet my pants. {{{Shivers}}} I have lizard/snake/reptile issues.

    • Hi Andrea

      Ok, as I was not to laugh, I snortled 🙂 Thanks for sharing your epp! with me, I only ever was a afraid of a snake once that had me screaming like a little girl, I would have been a teen barely, I think around 12ish, and I had caught garden snakes etc but I was hanging out in the little dug out floating pond in the river by our favorite little campsite and I’m daydreaming away seeing things in the clouds, and catch a movement out my eye and a big garden snake is swimming right at me, and I flip over and scream and it panic’s as well at this very big rock that just rose out of the water and I’m slapping the water, trying to fling the darn thing away from me and I throw it with water up onto a rock, and my mom’s dog Jock, comes to the rescue, he came up and reared up like a horse and came down on that poor snake with both front feet and the snake freaks even more and goes back down the other side of the rock and gone, I’m coming out of the water doing the shudder, shudder, and my mom’s laughing at me.. the snake was more scared then you and calm yourself down.

      I don’t mind snakes but would perfer not to be eye to eye with them. I was the one that picked up the little guy, it was a perfect gentleman or women.

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