Red Currents-Making more plants

Happy Easter Weekend, I do hope that everyone is enjoying their long weekend and their family time. It is a blessed time of year!

Finished prepping a new 16 by 16 four row bed and got it all planted out, have just over 150 garlic bulbs up now and dug a number of horseradish roots up, some for processing and some for transplanting to a area for green leaves picking.

However, the big thing today has been working with the red currents, right around here if you go to the greenhouse you are looking between ten to twenty dollars for a potted Red current, depending on size of the pot, if you order by catalog, you can get bare root for between 7 to 10 per plant, that quickly adds up, if you want a good size row of currents.

Now you can try and grow them from seeds but they might or might not come true, but there is a much easier way, provided you do have a few bushes in the garden already, take a good low branch, and pin it to the ground along the middle of the branch, leaving the tops of the branch still up in the air and growing, can put a light covering of dirt on top and forget about it for the rest of the year, next spring early, before the leaves come out, but the buds are started, you can find your peices and you cut them off just on the mother plant side of where it goes into the ground, and you get something like this!

We are thrilled to have five new plants done this way, that we added to our Current Bush Row, We only bought two bushes and we currently have a dozon at this time. So then you take your rooted stock and dig it in on the length side, with the budding top of the branch at the top and backfilled, tamped and water in.

And then you are left with this on the top, that is already starting to bud out..and I will leave it as is for the rest of the year, but this fall, I will prune off the two bottom branch outs on the right hand side, and then the year after, I will prune to help shape it as it grows but already you can see that’s got a good head start just the way it is.

Last but not least, I will cover the area two around the plant with wood chips at least eight inches thick to mulch it down. This little guy will most likely not produce much if anything this year but it will grow and grow some more and if its like the other’s I have done, it will have its first crop by next year.

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