March 20th-Sweet things

Its the time of year that the sap is flowing, and you can see small smoke trails in the sky all around my farm with everyone boiling down their maple Syrup, so I thought I would touch on sweet things.. The two I would consider the most natural and healthy, are both able to be produced locally, Raw honey, and Maple Syrup, both can be used in cooking, baking and honey can be used to sweeten drinks or as a health food in and of itself.

Next would come sugars, these would include brown sugar, and white sugar, and I am going put Molasses, in the same group because, a) its what makes Brown sugar-brown and b) it is either a by-product of sugar cane or sugar beets.

All three of the sugars listed above are very stable storage sweeter’s but they are by far much more processed then the raw honey or the maple syrup. I would recommend these be used in moderation, and in truth, if I could find a way to can without white sugar and get a stable long shelf life with a high quality product, I would do so, but as is, I am always using the light syrups whenever possable.

I would highly recommend that you stay away from Corn Syrup, or as they are now going to call it Corn Sugar in the hopes that we will be fools and that with a name change, we will forget all the studies that have found this product to be harmful to our bodies. I have moved this product of our menu plan.  Now if I eat something that has it, within a few hours I feel sick and typically down a bit for a couple days till it clears.

I love food and sometimes I want things to be sweet, but if you can reduce your typical amount of sweeter used you will find that there are many rewards for doing so.

Breakfast- Cornbread, Eggs with Kale, Oven baked Hashbrowns

Lunch-Fried Cornbread, topped with fresh maple syrup,  with a side of canned Pears

Supper-Leftover Pork Roast with Leftover mash potato’s with the second half of the jar of canned Pears

Extras: Lemon Cranberry cookies, Small homemade chocolate Cranberry bar

Drinks, Water, Lots of water, Tea and Hot Chocolate.

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2 Responses to March 20th-Sweet things

  1. Your breakfast looks delicious. 🙂

    I just checked – it’s the High Fructose Corn Syrup that’s getting a name change. And I agree – boo, hiss on them for being so sneaky.

    I don’t think I’d worry so much about normal corn syrup (not that we really use it much), but the HFCS has been changed to make it much, much sweeter than regular corn syrup. That’s why it’s used in so many things – it’s super-sweet and super-cheap.

    No matter what, though, we need to be using less sugar.

    Now … I think I’ll go make a batch of cornbread, because that looked really, really delicious.

    • thanks for helping make that clear doomer, yes I do mean HFCS, and I agree.. boo to the company to think that a name change can fool the general public.

      Glad you liked our sunday breakfast, After many days of my wonderful porridge during the week, which is typically eaten alone as hubby is up and gone very early, its so nice to try most times to have a special sunday breakfast together.

      Enjoy your cornbread, it was yummy, did you laugh at the lunch though, we were building that hugelbeet, and we came in for lunch, wanting food now, and so hungry, I just split it into slices and fried to make hot and brown on both sides, and on to plates to wolf down and back out for another five hours put into it..

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