Oil is on my mind..

Been thinking about Oil alot lately, the price of oil, the availablity of oil, how many ways I use that oil on a daily bases, how many times that oil ends up in some form of my food..

Bet you think I’m talking about Crude oil.. Nope.. I’m talking about Cooking oil.. I live in Zone 5 in the Great White North (aka Canada) and we are certainly limited in how to get oil that can be used in our cooking..

There is animal fat, such as rendering your own lard which is really great, I also raise ducks, and their fat is tops in so many ways..  but I don’t want to tied to just animal fat, so that means that I need to really look at what other choices do I have and the answer is clear.. Nuts!

I need to plant more Nut trees and I need to not only get the equipment to make my own nut oil but I need to do this yearly to get that touch and understanding that only doing can give you..

So far, I have Filburts and Heartnuts on the farm but I don’t think I want to limit myself to them.. Finally tracked down Hickory nuts and Hardy Pecans for my zone an so will add two more different nut trees this spring. Both of these tree’s need at least two to pollinate, so that would bring my Nut tree’s up to eight in total..  I believe that should be enough for our family needs and once into full production, possable use for trade in the future, either in nut form or in oil form.

Now if I could just track down a site that will tell me how much oil I will get for each pd of the different nuts.. So any of you grow nuts? Any of you ever make Nut Oil, or do you just many make Nut butter? which I figure should work for most baking items.

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9 Responses to Oil is on my mind..

  1. Canadian Doomer says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve reacted to a few nut oils, so they’re not an option for me. I think about this a lot, too. We use canola oil, but try to limit it. Increasingly, I save every bit of fat when I cook meat. The fat from on top of cooled chicken or beef broth works beautifully for frying potatoes and such.

    • While I picked Nuts because they have such a great return, only need to plant once, only to pay for them once, can eat the nuts themselves, use them to make nut flour, Nut butter, and Oil and once going strong will produce for the rest of my life and the wood is of high value, so any nuts that start out as seedlings can be dug and plants out for wood value, but if you have a reaction to them, what about sunflower seeds? They grow in our area and that at least I can get a rating on.. one pd of seeds equals on average from home pressing 3 oz of oil.

      I know what you mean, I always cringe a little when I read recipe after recipe that say to skim the fat off and throw it away.. I always think.. NOOOOooo use it instead of buying fats from the store to cook with or use it in baking etc.

  2. Heidi says:

    A few weeks ago I was googling for “rendering fat” and landed on your blog. Since then I happily read through your blog from start. Yesterday I was “up to date”, it was all good reading! If you would live a little bit nearer to us, you could order the Piteba oil press. Though, if I’m not mistaken they sent all over the world. Perhaps their website is also in English (I didn’t check before I started this reply to you). As you will have noticed, my English is at least a bit crooked and sometimes a bit upside down or vice versa, but that’s because it’s not on my list of daily chores… As I’m now a regular reader of your blog, I think you would like to know something about me. Well, as you assumed, my name is Heidi Tijssen, I’m an housewife, and mother of seven (from 17 to 6 years old). Live in the middle of Holland (Nederland to us) in an abandoned farmhouse what is on the nomination to make place for development of our town. But until then we can use the house and a fair amount of garden. In our home I’m the only one who likes to go green and frugal, using as much local as possible and doing as much at home as I can sneak of time for. But one can always try, isn’t it?
    I hope to read a lot more from you! Thanks so far!
    Warmest greetings

    • Hi Heidi

      So glad you introduced yourself and told me a bit about you and your family, I am so glad that you are enjoying reading the site. Your English is quite good, thanks for the info on the possable place to find a oil press, I will look into it.

      Look forward to hearing more from you

  3. K.B. says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Ernie Grimo, but he is a nut grower in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and is know for being incredibly passionate and helpful, so he might be a good guy to contact to ask about nut oils.


    Canola, safflower and sunflower are also other options. Good luck!

    • Hi K.B.

      I had not heard of him, thanks so much for the link, I had found a gentleman just outside montreal that offers courses including info on growing and processing nuts later in the year. I will check out the website you shared.

      I had thought of the other three but they are something that I would have to keep back seed on in order to replant each year, which for me at least was a downside to them, and they would take away space on the land for other uses where as the tree’s use less land, and if done right can provide shade for the farm critters when they get big enough.

  4. Deb W says:

    Hi there, You might also try Diana Beresford-Kroeger. She’s in the Merrickville area and is deeply involved with the protection and cultivation of native species and has a huge knowledge of the various uses of plants. I am positive that she would have the answers to whatever you might ask. Here’s just one article about this very cool lady that I found online… http://www.thegreeninterview.com/diana-beresford-kroeger-bio

    • Deb W says:

      Sorry, I didn’t mention the main reason that I even thought of her. I heard her speak on the CBC Radio One/Ontario Today Gardening Call-in Show and she’s passionate about reintroducing native nut trees!

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