Wild Salmon in Whole Form

They had whole wild B.C. Salmon on sale, well, mostly whole, it was de-headed and cleaned, (which is to bad, the head has a surprising amount of meat on it, and the hounds adore the guts if they can get them) but I would think for most folks, that they perfer it the way it came.

There was a limit of two fish per customer, so I got my two salmon, each one came in at about eight pds or so, its a nice two foot or so fish, for 6 dollars. Now you can see why they only allowed two per person.

So how do you start with this?

and end up with this? So simple, Bake it in a glass pan at 350, then pull the meat off the bones, Just remember that you do need to take out the bones, If you push your meat peice on an angle, the bones should just pop up and you can pull them out with ease.

Which can now be used in so many different ways.. How about in  Salmon Soup or ChowderIts good as a Salmon Sandwhich filling with a little Mayo and Spicy Carrot Salsa on whole wheat crackers.

Now for my second Salmon, I went a little bit differnet and made them into Salmon Steaks to be used at a later date, most likely in this way or maybe this way for more of a dinner meal..


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1 Response to Wild Salmon in Whole Form

  1. 40 Pounds By June says:

    Thanks for the lesson! I know little about fish.

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