Most Modern Cookbooks so don’t work for this farm gal

One of our Christmas Desserts, No recipe use, its a Cranberry Pecan Maple Tartlet with vanilla icecream. It was tiny and tasty and just yum!

So I often get cookbooks from my momma, which I am totally grateful for, but today, decided to look in a new one that was about making your recipes with no trans-fats, which is something that I already do, but I wanted to just flip though it and see if anything jumped out for a new meal idea..

Well a few things jumped but none of them good.. My god, did these recipes call for sugar, I mean a ton of sugar.. I know that I have been weaning my recipes in regards to sugar for the past year really hard and even a few years before that.. example replacing fruit butters for X amount of fat, reducing sugars by half, switching the sugar amounts out by half in place of local raw honey. Grinding Dates/soaked in warm water as a sugar replacement.

Having reduced the basic sugars in so many of our main dishes, and given that I so rarely use a recipe, I have cooked most of my main dishes to the point that I go by look, feel and taste, raither then by measurements. I was shocked to see a cake recipe call for two cups of sugar, I made a cake the same size as this one, and use about half a cup of sugar given the amount of fruit jam I used in the cake, I often make fruit cakes or muffins or loaves, by starting with 1/4 cup of oil, one half pint jar of jam or jelly, one large duck egg (two chicken eggs) and depending on if its a cake, either water, Whey, yogurt, buttermilk or milk.. and then add the dry to suit what I am making..

The other one that suprised me was given that this was a “healthy” cookbook was the amount of crap pre-made food that they wanted in the recipes.. Please peaple, throwing together three cans of processed food, three processed sauces and a little meat is not a homecooked meal!

Now, I am going to fully admit that I can, and I can alot, I also dry food, freeze it and I am so NOT knocking good qaulity canned food, but that was not what these recipes called for, and so many of them had NO fresh food in the meal, I can see opening a can of this or using 1/3 a cup of this combined with fresh food to make a meal, do it all the time, granted I know what is in that sauce, I grew it, processed and can tell you everything in it.

I can’t really remember the last meal I put together that had nothing fresh in it, and I think that it should be that hard for me to remember.

I am sending out a challange.. for those of you who buy food in box’s, packages and as frozen dinners, give fresh whole food a try and when you sit down, know that it really did all come from scratch, that means you took the basic food and did all your own prep, mixing, cooking, seasoning, I think you will be quite suprised at how simple it is to do and just how much better the food can taste if you just let your taste buds reset themselves for non-processed food.

Ok, getting of my little soap-box.. but that new cookbook is so heading out the door as I know darn well that there is no way I will be making anything from it, on the other hand, I am giving a shout out in regards to a different new cookbook from momma, called Recipes from the root cellar! Now that is a good! cookbook, tons of amazing recipes, all using good whole foods and in some very interesting combo’s, watch for recipes to be put up on the blog in the future.. It has 270 fresh ways to enjoy winter vegetables.. so far, I have made about half a dozen recipes and have gotten thumbs up from both DH an myself on all of them..

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2 Responses to Most Modern Cookbooks so don’t work for this farm gal

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad to be the “momma” that does a few things. Good morning, you are a nice way to start the day. I thought that was an excellent book to send you and that you would appreciate it. Beautiful Christmas snow coming down,I have a big cup of coffee so I will finish reading,mom

  2. 40 Pounds By June says:

    Hey farm gal! Great post and you are so right about both the processed foods AND the sugar. I’ve always wanted to can, make my own tomato sauces, freeze in-season berries, etc. Those are part of my healthier life-style goals for this year (and forever!). I, for one, am so looking forward to those root cellar recipes!

    And I want to ask: would you mind if I post your blog on mine? It does not mean I expect the same from you. I’ve just come across a few gals that are starting the health kick also and I think they would like your blog. Let me know! Colleen

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