Red River Porridge

What is your favorite Porridge or Grits depending on where you live? I like many kinds but hands down my favorite is Red River, its a porridge from my childhood that has moved well into my adulthood. Its a truly Canuck product being made and named after the Red River itself.

My Momma would make this porridge often when I was a young’n but the day I looked forward to it the most was at Christmas, when we were on the farm, we would save our cream from our family milk cow Jessie and make homemade Vanilla Icecream. We were lucky enough to have whole fresh raw milk from Jessie for our porridge but Christmas morning meant hot porridge with a huge scoop of fresh icecream on top.. it was perfect, it would melt into a rich cream that you nibbled a spoon at a time off the main scoop..

I still allow myself to have that treat but rarely these days. On the other hand, as a adult who is always working to find ways to improve recipes, Red River is fab!, you can make it up and use it in breads, Pancakes, cook it and then cool and blend it and use it in muffins, cookies etc.

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