Garden Count for 2010-Zone 5

Its worth noting that when we moved to the farm, that the only thing here was six old overrun rubarb plants, so everything else has been added by us, and there for is no older then five years in age.. most of our fruit tree’s were bought at the age of two or three years old, but many of our soft fruits were year olds.

Hard Fruits

Apples -Poor -4 Kinds of Apples
Crabapples – Very Good – 4 Trees
Wild Crabapples- Excellent -2 Trees
Cherries Sour-Poor -2 Trees
Cherries Sweet-Poor-2 Trees
Pears -Poor- 2 Trees
Mulberries-Good -One Tree
Plums-Poor-2 Trees
Wild Plums 3 bushes-Excellent
Peaches- 2 Tree’s -Poor

It’s worth noting that the tree’s came into bloom but were hit with a very hard bad late spring frost that effected our harvest this year.

Soft Fruits

Gooseberries-Good-6 Bushes
Elderberries-Excellent -11 Bushes
Chokeberries-Excellent- Patch 20 plus bushes
Cranberries-Poor- 4 Plants patch about six by six
High Bush Cranberries-Good- 2 Bushes
Strawberries -Good- 20 by 30 patch, plus two 20 feet rows
Raspberries -Good- 4 kinds, 6 rows
Blueberries -Poor – 6 bushes
Rubarb-Excellent – 14 plants
Red Currents-Excellent-1 large bush, 4 smaller newer bush’s
Black Currents-Fair-4 Bushes
Black Berries-Fair- 2 Rows of Canes
Grapes-Fair-6 plants

We started with no gardens, not even a flower bed when we moved in, we currently have the nursery garden area, the fruit garden area, and the main garden area, we added in another 1/4 of an acre last year but it needs more work done yet.. We also have a new green house and a new cold house added in this year 10. We currently have one full time cold frame and a number of moveable cold frames.


Beans -Excellent
Cucumbers -Poor
Zucchini -Fair
Acorn Squash -Fair
Potatoes -Excellent
Basil -Excellent
Tomatoes -Excellent
Storing Onions -Excellent
Green onions -Very good
Arrugula -Very good
Purslane -Poor
Kale -Excellent
Collard Greens-Excellent
Kohlrabi – Good
Green’s salad mix-Good
Broccoli -Excellent
Asparagus -Fair
Peppers -Good
Brush sprouts-Good
Pea’s -Excellent
Pumpkin -Fair
Carrots -Fair
Beet Roots -Excellent
Beet Greens -Excellent
Chard -Poor-didnt like this type at all
Radicchio -Excellent
Brussal Sprouts-Excellent
Horse Radish-Excellent
Worm Wood-Good

Need to go though the farm book to see if I missed anything.. but this is a good overview..

On average we processed several hundred pds of food for the rest of the year beyond eating out of the gardens starting in May though Oct.. and we still have greens in the cold house at this time. I believe that we will need to double our production an or create longer growth/harvest seasons with the cold houses an the Greenhouse in order to eat year round in regards to fruits/veggies off the farm.

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