Laszlo and Littlebit Introducing!

Life moves daily if not written about on the blog. This summer we sadly lost Faith, it was sudden, and it was so sad, she was just 8-year-old and that is not nearly long enough, she is greatly missed, I have a huge watercolor painting of her done. She is missed every single day.  Henry cat was going downhill, showing his age in many ways and it was not a surprise that he did not wake up on morning.


It was not so much planned as it just happened that two siblings needed a soft landing and they have joined our farm. They will need to be indoor kittens for the winter and get their vet care and altering but in the grand plan of things our farm cat’s numbers have stayed the same.  I have had long hair farm cats and I made sure they were short hair because honestly, it’s a lot of work to keep a long hair cat in good shape on the farm, they are forever getting things stuck in their fur.


Laszlo is the male kitten with more black on his nose and upper face, a stocky build and a very calm steady quiet thinking type. He is in many ways like my husband lol


Littlebit is bold, always the first out, the first into things but also fast to react, wary in some ways, totally fearless in others, game to try new things and when she gives it, she goes!  She reminds me of me in many ways. 

They are full on go when they are awake and then crash and sleep, it’s a good thing they have each other to play with but even though they were raised in a chicken coop they were very well handled by the children of the farm they were born to and so they come running when you go in their room to greet you.  It takes a bit of time to adjust and get everyone settled in. 

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3 Responses to Laszlo and Littlebit Introducing!

  1. Donna Scott says:

    Great pictures of your new Kitties. They look adorable…..❤️

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  2. Widdershins says:

    Loss and change, eh? … right up there with death and taxes … the two newbies look adorable. 🙂

    • Life moves on, my oldest sheep passed away late this fall, and in truth it didn’t really make me sad, she was coming 12 and she had a great sheep life, and I was happy that she had enjoyed the warmth of the summer sun, the fall garden treats and more and would not have a cold canadian winter. I truly was and am very unhappy in the way Faith went, but sometimes things happen. The old boy, well there is a time for passing. And at the same time there is a time for new to come in. They are little rascals but in the cutest way possable!

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