Sausage Stuffing


Honey Garlic Lamb Sausage Full Coil


Fall Harvest Beef/Pork Blend with onion, peppers, garlic/ginger


Orange Cranberry Duck Sausage


Added Bonus.. Gifted Delight.. Honey Garlic Moose Sausage.. So good!

Hanging, Smoking and Wrapping/Freezing.. I am looking forward enjoying these over the next few weeks/months.. and I love my new grinder that I used for both the grinds and for the stuffing, so much faster then my older (but still good) 5 pound manual stuffer..

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4 Responses to Sausage Stuffing

  1. valbjerke says:

    Wow nice job! And they all sound delicious – the duck in particular. Sausage is so versatile, not to mention economical. That’s something you could teach a class on – should things ever get back to normal. I recall you did a class on…was it jam making? I’m always being asked ‘how do you make…/what do I do with…/can I have your recipe for…’ I bet you are too 🙂

  2. Silver says:

    These all sound delicious!

    • thank you Silver, they will add a good amount of easy to grab and go “different” to our meno, plus some are full coils, some are big sausage, some are thinner breakfast and some are fat pub type bangers.. they cook different and can be used for different things, if they are smoked changes things a bit again..

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