Rationing??? Is it coming or Is it here?


A friend shared the qoute below and then commented that they didn’t feel that right now that Canadian’s would feel the same way at all..

I totally agree, I think right now at this point that anything like this would indeed create massive ripples and blowback on all levels of goverment..

So here is my real question for you.. do you think its coming or do you think its already here?

“The most important factor that actually changed the way Canadians shopped for, cooked, and ate food on the home front was the introduction of a universal price freeze starting in December 1941 followed by the introduction of coupon rationing of sugar in July 1942, tea and coffee in August, butter in December, and meat in March of the following year. These controls on food consumption came shortly on the heels of months of periodic food shortages and a precipitous spike in food prices. Price and rent controls, it was argued, would help to ensure that Canadians could continue to afford necessities like food, fuel, and shelter while rationing promised all Canadians a fair share of scarce necessities. The penalties for breaking the rules ranged from small fines to imprisonment, but both controls – and rationing, in particular – maintained strong popular support throughout the war. In separate polls done in March and July 1945 more than 90 percent Canadians agreed that rationing had done a good or fair job in achieving equitable distribution.11 As one postwar analyst summed up Canadians’ attitudes, “rationing has consistently given evidence of being the most popular among Canada’s wartime controls, a fact that is especially significant when one remembers that it has been more a part and parcel of every day living than any of the other controls have been.”

My personal view.. Its already here, in so many ways..

However I am not going to explain why I feel that way in this post, I really do not want to sway the readers view point, I would truly like to hear your thoughts on this? I will do a part two, where I will share my personal thoughts, along with clips from the response’s from this post (without names etc)

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9 Responses to Rationing??? Is it coming or Is it here?

  1. Silver says:

    I am unsure if it will arrive (as in, rationing how it was known during the war) and to what degree it can be enforced.
    Currently there looks like there are empty shelves, but this is chiefly due to supply issues and people panic buying because of perceived shortages.

    The idea behind rationing is that this kind of behaviour is legislated against, and that everyone gets their share of what they need by distributing food more evenly. I am not sure how the government would enforce rationing, certainly not in the UK.
    Even fines etc. relating to being in breach of COVID-19 regulations are a joke here, where people continue to appeal them, with it taking months for judgments to be passed, and only then does it become apparent that the defendants don’t have a hope of paying it. I do not know what it is like in other countries, but here, the only fine or bill you can go to prison for, for non-payment, is for council tax.

    Even though it is technically a good idea if more resources need to be diverted elsewhere and the remainder managed responsibly, people are so concerned about what they can get for themselves, many often do not have any consideration for that buying a lot, means someone who may not be able to visit multiple stores will go without. It’s all about me, me, me….

  2. valbjerke says:

    Technically we’ve been under a forced rationing for the last two years…if you can’t purchase something because it not available, then I call that rationing because equally, nobody gets to buy it.
    Would Canadians go for something like this now? Not a chance. Look what happened during the so called toilet paper shortage. Costco here, (just as an example) allowed one bundle per ‘member’ (they were thinking ‘household I’m sure) In theory. I would watch people come in and use their card to purchase. Next family ‘member’ with the companion card, next aisle over – make a purchase. And so on. All meet up in the parking lot and throw five bundles of toilet paper in the car.
    People like to say they’re all about the common good – mmmm not so much I don’t think. In the end, this whole mess is a testament as to why one should always be thinking ahead, be prepared for the unimaginable. Slowly and reasonably stock up, don’t buy every last item on the shelf. And share dammit – while you’re standing there being pissy because you don’t want to pay X because the price has doubled, there are people who can’t afford to pay for that item at any price.
    Hmmm. Rant over I guess 😁

    • Thanks for the reply Valb, I will come back and answer at a later point, most likely late tonight or more likely tomorrow.. but I wanted to get your reply up 🙂

    • I am just using this to do a check in, I think that you are high up that the rain should not be hitting you and I know you are prepared enough that I am not to worried but would still love to hear you are ok

      • valbjerke says:

        Doing just fine thanks!! But what a timely post you did. The entire supply chain from the lower mainland (that’s where absolutely everything comes from, food and all) has been cut off. Coqahalla washed out many places. Canyon – mudslides. 99 mudslides. Hwy 1 under water.
        So this started Sunday night?? Continued Monday.
        Just on a whim – we decide to hit Costco tonight instead of on the weekend.
        No milk. No water. Many many shelves bare. We’re just picking up a few things (coffee etc) just in case. OMG. I have never in all my born days seen anything like this. People are going to lose their minds.
        We’re fine….I will check in with updates should it get crazier than this.
        Oh – price of prime rib-

      • thank you for the update Val B, I figured you would be good but at the same time grateful for the updates none the less.. yes the supply chain has been cut off and from what I can see in the news, they “the company’s” are being what they call proactive and what I call foolish, they are going to pull from the alberta warehouses and truck it over, clearly thinking short term, and not longer term, because dudes, where do you resupply the Alberta ones from.. the B.C ports and the truck routes that are now gone.. I have family in BC and my one cousin has been sharing posts, stores bare, panic buying, stores closing doors due to peaple overlimts and they broke the doors down and let in another 60 to 70 peaple and whole card payment systems breaking down, fist fights breaking out and so on.. no surprise at all that many shelves bare but glad it was at least reasonable on the behaviour at this point, I think we are going to have some big time issues coming in this regards. thank you for the updates.. and that is some crazy beef, stay safe an keep me posted ok..

      • valbjerke says:

        Sorry – had to double check. 33.99 kg. Was looking at a chunk that was 396.00

      • Wow, I just gifted a big old roast to some friends I laughed and said thats a 100 dollar roast but given what it was more like a 300 hundred dollar roast.. insane

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