BC regulars.. please check in..


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  1. Nicola Simmons says:

    As you know we all all good here on our little island. Seems like it just skimmed us, we had lots of rain, but our sandy soils rapidly drained it away. Sumas prairie seems to be the worst affected in terms of flooding. It seems they have huge pumps that run in high water conditions, but they don’t usually run all 4 of them for days at a time, and that’s becoming a problem :-(.

    • ValB did a check in on different post, its comings on the rationing post, as I knew she would get a email notice if I commented there, so you can read her overview.. I am glad it just skimmed you and I hope you are good there and can just stay put for the next weeks because I think that is the best bet of all.. I hope that the summer camp peaple do not try to make a “bug out run” for the island because its not likely your stores are getting a restock any time soon.. or maybe it will not be a issue due to the ferry? hmmm let me know on that one please..

  2. valbjerke says:

    I should mention that the pumps (bad feeling about this) will go down – they were not designed to move water from across the border as well – Washington is flooding into Canada. Fingers crossed on this.

    • I know, that is just insane and while today is better rain wise, I have read they are looking at 7 days of coming rain, I mean not like that crazy rain but still 7 more days of rain.. I have a bad, bad feeling on the pumps, I read the reports that said they had to be repaired that they would NOT hold. and they didn’t spend the money and we will see.. we will see..

  3. valbjerke says:

    Update: pumps still holding (hundreds of people and military managed to sandbag enough the station isn’t under water at the moment). Fraser river has dropped some (no more rain please) but pumps still operating at capacity. BC government in state of emergency (second time this year I believe – fires was the first one this summer). Ag minister Lana Popham (I’ve met her, hardest working woman I know) spoke about the livestock situation (in between trying not to break down as she’s been on face time with farmers, who are in their barns with their dead cows) has reached out to other feed suppliers. Many many silos, and hay under water. The BC lab that tests ALL the milk intended for consumption, is under water – Alberta and Saskatchewan have offered the use of their labs. The farmers will be taken care of, many more livestock will have to be euthanized.
    Under the heading of ‘you gotta be effing kidding me’ :
    Most store shelves are now bare. This is way worse than the start of the pandemic. I flipped a pic someone local posted of our Save On Foods. The entire produce section is empty with the exception of half dozen of some weird cabbage things, and maybe six dozen lemons. 🤦‍♀️
    I’m like oh look, the end times are upon us and still, nobody wants the lemons…
    And she’s responds ‘well they’ll all be sorry when they get the scurvy!!’ 😂
    I needed a laugh today. She’s always good for that.

    • Thank you for the updates and I will use this comment on my next blog post as more peaple need to read this.. I have not checked the news yet this morning, fingers crossed that it held and when I went to bed, they said weather wise, 7 days of rain coming.. that is not good..

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