October Unprocessed Week 1.5 Update

As the first week of Oct was a very short week being only 4 days, I am combining week one and week 2 together for this update.IMG_1882

The weather has been very warm with lots of mixed in rain..  This is only the 3rd year on the farm in 17 years here that we have not had our first hard killing frost by Thanksgiving Weekend., certain spots on the farm and gardens have had two or three light frosts for the super tenders but no killing frost at all.. 


The Big Garden Teepee is just rocking along, with bowls of cherry tomato’s still being picked every two days plus beans and so on..  I will be honest, I am surprised that the 4 cherry tomato’s we planted have reached ten feet high and each one covers the full 4 feet side with each being at least 4 feet wide..  They really liked this growing set up.. 


We have been enjoying a mix of food from our gardens and our Full Bellies Food Box..  The Sunchokes are in full bloom, and will be one of our last and longest harvests in the gardens but the gardens are still pretty full, its not that we have not been harvesting, we have been..   Point in fact 96% of all my jars are full at this point, its a good thing we are also eating out them and so the cycle continues.. fill empty, fill empty..   


Its been quite easy to make our meals meet the rules, a little thinking and a little planning.. the biggest challenge has been the few times we have been out for medical appointments and its moved over into meal times.. and planning thanksgiving as I do love my stuffing and point in fact.. I adore stove top stuffing..  I know I know.. I can make a mean homemade stuffing, I know how to make a crazy good cornbread stuffing, a apple/sausage stuffing that is lip smacking good.. my mothers, cooked heart/gizzard, onion, herbs and so much butter thick/rich very sage based one.. half goes in the bird and half goes in the pan to bake in the oven to be mixed together for the table.. 


I will make a tiny little stuffing this year as I will be the only one eating it, or maybe I will change my mind and make a full stuffing and just put stuffing on the dogs dinner bowls and we will all enjoy it lol..  either way I can’t imagine not having cold stuffing to go with my cold turkey tomorrow..  I have a few hours yet to make that final choice.. 

Onward we go.. 


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7 Responses to October Unprocessed Week 1.5 Update

  1. tadpole says:

    Happy thanksgiving!
    Your garden is looking good, especially your tomatoes.

  2. Silver says:

    Lovely pictures ^_^

  3. Galadriel says:

    What a great picture of your husband with the tomatoes.

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