Barn Kitten -Bells


Introducing Bells, a wee barn kitten, I was visiting a friend’s farm when I saw this scooped up wee baby getting some cuddle, this is a very good milk barn, the cats have a clean dry barn and are feed daily with 24 hours fresh water, with two of them also being the front hunters..  One of the semi-ferals must have had Bells. 

Bells is thin but once she was found, the barn/farm did start giving her extra feed, I grateful they took me up on my offer to home her.. while I know she would have had her own stall, been feed and gotten cuddles to be made friendly, there are still lots of risks at that age and its hard for a baby on its own to keep warm enough..  no kitten pile 

So I loaded her up in a box I had in my car with a shawl and home she came..  introduced her to hubby, got her combed out with the flea comb, got a bath/dry, a number of small meals into her and while she certainly does get held cuddle time, I also set up her sleep box..  

Its a insulated food box, so its water proof for easy cleaning, its heat or cold reflective so once I warm it up, it helps hold the warmth, and I got a awesome present from my friend Cate of a huge homemade bean bag and its perfect, its pretty much the average length of a momma cat, so I heat it, put it in the curve and put Bells in the middle/mock belly area.. she rests up on it with her paws and head but she has warmth all around her and as she is mobile she can adjust herself to where she wants to be.. 

This is critical to help keep Bells body temp stable, to help digest meals, which also means relaxed sleeping.. There is no extra at the moment on Bells, the fluff is hiding pretty much bone thin..  She is just a mear 1 pound 8 oz..  

I will be doing lots of little meals and I am very sure that soon enough we will get a little padding on those bones.. I will be in contact with me vet as I need to get kitten wormer,  I have the Revolution in the house but I think Bells needs to be bigger and stronger before I even want to consider it..  I do want to make sure Bells is wormed but with the gentlest and correct weight wormer. 

Otherwise, Bells looks to be very good health, Lots of barn cats have underlying cat diseases but not this barn, clean eyes, clean noses, no ulcers and so on.. Even though all my cats are altered and vaccinated, its still a very good thing to know that I do not have to worry about those possible issues

At the moment, I am comfortable that despite Bell’s young age, I think things should go well..  I will share regular updates if you all are interested?


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9 Responses to Barn Kitten -Bells

  1. Cricket says:

    Is it your intention to keep her a barn kitty? Love that nose and those little sock paws!

    • At this time full time house kitten, will be in for the fall and winter.. come spring, the odds are good that Bells will want to go out on the deck and expore and then I will let the kitty choose, Smudge and Sofie 90 percent house cats, I thought Leeloo would be a house cat but she was like nope and turned herself into a full time Croft kitty other then the odd time she comes in.. 90 percent out, and 10 percent in.. so I guess we will see but for training and safety sake, Bells will be in till spring at a min.

  2. I am interested in hearing updates on the cute little one.

  3. Tracy says:

    Bells is adorable! Bless you for taking her into your loving home! I would love updates on her progress.

  4. Silver says:

    What a cutie! Yes please, to more updates about Bells!

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